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The series:

  • Genius Bonus: In the episode "Unclaimed Baggage", Michaela and Saanvi are helping the flight attendant Bethany find Thomas, the boyfriend of her cousin Leo, after he escaped from a psych ward. Bethany doesn't know where Thomas and Leo were supposed to meet after flight 828 landed, so Michaela and Saanvi discuss the visions that brought them to Bethany and Thomas: an animated angel statue for Michaela and a statue that left wet footprints for Saanvi. Bethany recognizes the combination of the two as the Angel of the Waters statue atop the Bethesda Fountain, the location of the final scene in Thomas's favorite play Angels in America. One of the play's main characters is a gay man who sees visions of an angel.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: It is revealed that the passengers will die eventually in the manner they were suppose to die. So if someone died by decapitation, they will spontaneously get their head chopped off. If they blew up ...

The video game:

  • Demonic Spiders: Thanks to the fact that most enemies inflict status effects, there tends to be at least one encounter type per dungeon that will make your life hell.
    • Every single enemy in Ordune can potentially ruin your day, but the Watchdogs are the grand champions of this. They absolutely love to spam Nerve Gas, a skill that puts your entire party to sleep, and since Ordune is a No-Gear Level, there's no protection against it, and only luck is protecting you from a Total Party Kill.
    • Harpies in the Sealed Cave. Not only can they inflict Confusion on the entire party (and they will. Constantly,) but their ridiculously high Evasion means it's impossible to hit them with normal physical attacks.
  • Funny Moments: Vellamik trying to justify buying a set of lockpicks. It's for the greater good, you see.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Val is even more bitter than Armegmus, and very confrontational. But then again, she spends a good chunk of her introduction mourning the loss of her husband, and then you find out she had a hell of a childhood.
  • That One Level:
    • The Fathoms, which are chock full of Demonic Spiders that fling status effects like crazy.
    • The Red Garden, which immediately follows The Fathoms, is a marathon of five fights in a row (each one grueling in their own right) with no breaks for healing or restocking items.
    • Ordune. Just because it's a No-Gear Level doesn't mean that the game has to stop throwing enemies that abuse status effects at you. And even though you have Syndarion on your team, who can One-Hit Kill any enemy, he also dies from a slight breeze, is just as susceptible to getting put to sleep or stunned, and the build-up time for his actions are excrutiatingly slow, making every encounter either a Curb-Stomp Battle or an utter nightmare that you'll barely survive if you're lucky. The only good sides are that the encounters are fixed and don't return, and that the XP gains are massive.

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