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YMMV / Malcolm & Marie

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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: The entire movie is basically one long argument scene. For many, this is a major turnoff.
  • Eight Deadly Words: Both Malcolm and Marie are commonly agreed to come across as annoying and unlikable. And since this film only consists of these two playing off of each other, a lot of viewers found it difficult to care about what happens.
  • Wangst: When a movie is pretty much just two characters arguing with each other for close to two hours, both of them wind up running into this trope.
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  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Zendaya's casting has been criticized with several viewers saying she's too young to play a Woman Scorned, as she just winds up looking and sounding like a pouting teenager. This is especially pronounced given she's playing off someone who's a lot older than her and very much looks it. It's worth noting though that the role was written to be around Zendaya's age, so it's not that she's too young to play this character so much as this archetype just doesn't transfer well to such a young performer, with the fault lying at least as much in the script as it is with casting. With all this being said, Zendaya's performance was mostly well received.

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