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YMMV / Make Your Move

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation - Something that tends to happen when a writer gets the character completely wrong, resulting in arguable hilarity:
    • What if Kangaskhan was actually an Abusive Parent?
    • What if Ghetsis's cane was actually a magic wand?
    • What if Dio Brando used the Stone Mask to turn people into vampires so he could wage wars between their zombie minions and his for his own amusement?
    • What if Frank Underwood had the power to make people agree with him by giving them $10?
    • What if Von Karma flung the corpses of murder victims at his opponents?
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    • What if Krow took steroids?
    • What if Slowpoke was fast?
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Growing the Beard: The strong emphasis on creativity over plausibility came about halfway through MYM 3.
    • Also, newcomers now get... warmer receptions, than they did in days past.
  • Misaimed Fandom - The community takes Brawl in an entirely different direction than the engine was ever built for.

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