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  • Complete Monster:
    • Jean "Dacourt", real name Jean Tellière, from season 1's "Maigret's Dead Man", manipulates a group of drug-addicted, unemployed Czech nationals into murdering and robbing wealthy families with him. Having the only man with evidence of his involvement killed, Dacourt orders his lackeys to kill anyone even possibly aware of his crimes and tries to murder them as well the second they become problematic. Revealed to have abandoned his own wife and children to revel in luxury with a new mistress, Dacourt misses no opportunity to display just how callous he is to human suffering, as long as his life remains opulent.
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    • Oscar Bonvoisin, from season 2's "Maigret in Montmartre", is a runty pimp and killer who blackmailed exotic dancer Arlette, real name Marie, into becoming his prostitute when she was an emotionally devastated young woman with the knowledge of her helping her kill an employer in self defense. When Marie escaped him, Oscar tracked her down, and when she refused to return, he murdered her. Mortally wounded in their struggle, Oscar killed others connected to Marie, including her old employer the Countess; a taxi driver to take his car; and Marie's former employer, while planning on murdering the man's wife in front of Maigret before killing himself to go out on his own terms. With one of the most disgusting crimes in the series, Maigret denounces Oscar for turning the devastated Marie into a prostitute simply to make himself more comfortable, declaring Oscar is "beyond contempt" and "beyond mercy".
  • Jerkass Woobie: The Antwerp jeweller of "Maigret's Night at the Crossroads", and quite light on the "jerkass" and heavy on the "woobie". On the "jerkass" side, he's fencing stolen jewellry. On the "woobie" side, he's a Holocaust survivor who only wants the money so he and his wife can move to America.
    • Marcel Moncin is another candidate. On the one hand, he murdered six women; on the other, he's a Psychopathic Manchild who's been coddled by his mother (and eventually his wife) since birth and is a perpetual failure at any attempt to have a normal adult life.
  • Spiritual Successor: Maigret was commissioned partly out of the hope that it would become the Poirot of a new generation.


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