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YMMV / Magnus Robot Fighter

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Valiant Comics: See here.
    • 2010 Dark Horse Comics Reboot: Timur is the head of the Metal Mob, a criminal empire, and has bribed the entire police department to let him commit his myriad crimes. Among these crimes is Human Trafficking; when foiled, Timur orders his partners to destroy all evidence. Timur also runs a gladiator show, where humans are brutally slaughtered on live television. Yet another operation of his involves rich people paying to hunt down frightened Q-bots for fun. Caring only about lining his pockets with cash, Timur is willing to have both humans and the sapient Q-robs slaughtered for profit, even though he's a Q-rob himself.
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  • Malignant Plot Tumor: Back in the 60's, the alien Malev robots weren't that big a deal. They ended up taking over the 1990's series.