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YMMV / Magical Doropie

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  • Awesome Music: The music may not be as catchy as its inspiration, but there's still plenty of good tunes. Stage 1, round 1, for instance.
  • Cult Classic: Some actually say it's fairly good. Probably due to the familiar gameplay.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The ending for the game has Doropie escaping from Empress Elsyia's space fortress via an escape pod as the space fortress itself explodes constantly from the outside before its inevitable destruction and once that happens, Doropie is then very happy to be surprisingly speaking to a recovering Kagemaru through the use of the escape pod's own small transmitting monitor. The entire scenario itself pretty much predates Mega Man X4's own ending minus the bittersweet aspects of it and that the animation scene of the space fortress' destruction is almost identical to the same animation scene of Mega Man X4's own credits scene.
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  • Older Than They Think: This game actually beat Mega Man 4 to the Charge Shot. It's also got more directions to shoot, much like Bass's abilities to shoot in any direction.
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