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  • Awesome Music: In the anime special pretty much the whole thing, but mostly from "I'm no Young Master... I'm Kaitou Kid!" all the way through the escape. Then it takes a short break for the fish scene and kicks back in again for the end credits.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Ironically, Conan. Despite Conan's superstar status from Detective Conan and the fact that the character Kaitou KID was launched into stardom largely through KID's cameos in Conan's blockbuster franchise, complaints about Conan are frequently seen in the comments on clips and videos of the Magic Kaitou 1412 anime. Most of these are from non-DC fans bitter about him "ruining" Kaito's shows. It's caused a lot of debate.
    • Even more ironically, Kaito himself. There are those who really like his rougish rule-breaking for the sake of spiting his father's murderers, but there are also those who feel that Kaito's increasingly slipper morality (the most common examples of which are the huge list of assaults he's racked up and the times he collapsed a department building that likely wasn't empty, beat a policeman with a wrench, and tasered a physical six year old - something that actually could have easily killed Conan, because tasers are easily lethal to children) isn't explored enough to keep him sympathetic, especially since he never faces consequences for his actions. There are also those who feel the story would be more suited to a tragic Protagonist Journey to Villain story, given that these obviously amoral choices and Kaito's desire for "vengence" may all have been for nothing if Toichi is alive.
      • There have recently been a number of outspoken fans who claim to like Kaito in his own manga but greatly dislike his characterization in the Detective Conan films.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: Despite canonically having Ship Tease with Aoko, fans generally like to pair Kaito with rival characters.
    • Kaito X Hakuba is fairly popular.
    • For those who are fans of the extended universe, Kaito X Shinichi is an absolute juggernaut of a ship that far outweighs the few cameos the two characters have in each other's franchises, with fans seeming fascinated with their situational similarities and Friendly Enemy dynamic. According to Archivofourown's tag numbers, the fan works for said pairing outnumber all other ships in both franchises.
  • Ho Yay: Hakuba. Kid. Handcuffs. Discuss.
    • In the Magic Kaito 1412 anime, Kaito's Foe Yay with Inspector Nakamori is played up.
    • Aoko blushes a lot around Akako and is always commenting on how pretty she is, to the point she never considers her a rival.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The aformentioned Robo-Kaito supplies some of this, as well as Akako's introductory chapter, where she uses a voodoo doll to drag Kaito away mid-heist against his will by sticking needles through his head and heart. It's scarier than necessary because the needles cause blood to erupt from his head and out of his mouth while he looks up with a zombie-like stare.
  • Paranoia Fuel: How do we know that it was Robo-Kaito who shot himself?
    • No brain splatter. Which, however, does not rule out that the possibility that the other Kaito is, in fact, Robo-Kaito MkII...
  • Ship Mates: Fans who ship the quasi-Official Couple Kaito and Aoko will typically pull a Pair the Spares on Akako and Hakuba, despite the latter two having maybe three lines of interaction in the manga. The makers of the 1412 anime apparently took note of this, and inserted some extra Ship Tease moments between the two.


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