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YMMV / Madness Project Nexus 2

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  • Funny Moments: Madness was never exactly serious, so there's a couple well-placed jokes.
    • Once voice lines for multiple named characters were uncovered, it was found that the Sheriff's death rattles, presumably as improv by his voice actor, include a full recreation of the "Howie Long Scream" Stock Scream
    • The public demo involves two missions leading up to the confrontation of The Sheriff. When you complete the second one, Sanford goes to plant the demolitions and... there is no effect on the door. The following conversation becomes a huge, progressively less subtle Lampshade Hanging on the limited scope of a game demo.
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    • When Hank and Sanford assault a barracks, they pass by an Attendant who quickly shutters his post and refuses to come out. You can't hurt him, but thanks to the "Ring for Service" bell on your side of the shutters, you can annoy him to no end. Doing this long enough causes a G03LM to break in through the floor and attack on behalf of the Attendant.
      Attendant: NO! GO AWAY!
      Hank: Hello? Anyone there? Helloooooo?
      Attendant: LEAVE ME ALONE!
      G03LM: I've got your service right here, pal!

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