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  • Misblamed: As noted in this episode of Fact Hunt, one cause attributed to Machinima, Inc.'s downfall was in-directly related to partners like PewDiePie. At one point, Machinima had a sponsorship deal with Levi's. Due to Pewdiepie being Machinima's most successful channel, the network mentioned him. But when the Levi's execs saw PewDiePie's content, they pulled the ad deal. Since then, Machinima became more possessive of content they had, which led to more partners jumping ship. It's been suggested that some of these partners were machinima directions, which would explain the decline in actual machinima in comparison to general gaming-related fare. Still, it can argued had Machinima instead shown a more family-friendly creator, or not mentioned PewDiePie at all, they at least wouldn't have lost their Levi's sponsorship.

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