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  • Complete Monster:
    • In the Marvel Novel Series novel Iron Man: And Call My Killer... Modok!, Modok is a sadistic lunatic with his enlarged head only matched in size by his needless cruelty. Once a scientist serving the terrorist organization AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), Modok was subjected to an experiment that granted him super intelligence and telepathic powers, with the unfortunate side effect of turning him into a grotesque beast whose head replaced most of his body. Immediately using his new powers to murder all of his superiors and those who won't serve him, Modok turns AIM into an even more dangerous threat than before, using his soldiers to attack college universities and other highly populated locations where dozens of innocents are nearly killed. His favorite pastime being torture of the most horrific kind, whether physical or mental, Modok enjoys seeing how long he can torture a person before they die, with his record time being weeks on end. He takes deep pleasure in sentencing anyone from captured prisoners to his minions who fail him to be brutally tortured via their own worst fear for as long as it takes until they break down into madness, after which he callously has them executed. His ultimate goal being to mass produce Iron Man armors then use them to overthrow entire countries and bend them to his will, Modok forces Tony Stark to build the armor for him lest he torture the man's loved ones in front of him, never killing them, but making them eternally suffer. Even after Stark finishes the work, Modok attempts to make him a prisoner of his own body then torture his friends to death anyway for fun.
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    • Iron Man: Operation A.I.M., by Greg Cox: After the supposed death of the original MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) creates a new version of this monstrosity to help fight against their creations the adaptoids (androids who can copy anyone) who have turned against them. After one of A.I.M 's scientists volunteers to undergo this experiment, he is dubbed Modok 1.5 and quickly turns against A.I.M., throwing in his lot with the adaptoids and becoming their master. Modok goes to an A.I.M undersea base looking for an experimental energy chip, slaughtering the hundreds of A.I.M. scientists who were present. Iron Man and his allies, Captain America, Black Panther and War Machine, go around the world to stop Modok from acquiring the ingredients to make a new energy chip. One of Modok's adaptoid minions, disguised as the Mandarin, attacks an A.I.M space station, violently killing everyone on board, and tries to cause the space station to crash into Miami to cover his escape. Modok takes over Stark Enterprises and uses its resources to complete the chip. Then he tells Iron Man is terrifying plan: he will use the chip's power to increase his mental powers and wipe out all of humanity and replace them with adaptoids. He then plans to wipe out all life on Earth—including the adaptoids—before going to space and slaughtering any alien civilization he finds. Declaring himself an "Angel of Death" who has transcended humanity, this new Modok is even more vicious then the original.
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    • Future Fight: M.O.D.O.K. is revealed to be the instigator of the collapse of reality in this game. He sends Jocasta into the past to distract the Avengers from his plans to destroy the universe and remake it in his image by having Jocasta distract the Avengers from exposing MODOK's goals by making them focus by other villains such as Ultron, HYDRA and Fisk. This in turn leaves the Avengers with no time to stop reality from destroying itself. When the Avengers defeat their Bad Future counterparts in Chapter 8, MODOK reveals that he was responsible for sending Jocasta to the past to prevent the Avengers from stopping him, having done this 90,000 times in the past before, with each effort having the same outcome in facilitating the destruction of reality, with every reality being more unstable than the last. He subsequently orders Jocasta to reset the timeline, leaving the Avengers to their fate while he recreates the universe in his own image.
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  • Memetic Loser: No matter how monstrous and ruthless M.O.D.O.K. is portrayed, there will always be fans to laugh about how utterly ridiculous he looks. There is a reason most of his animated adaptations portray him as more of a goof. Some of the comics have acknowledged this, notably how Gwenpool, early in her solo series, reacted to him as if he was the fanon version of him and got a very nasty shock.
  • Uncanny Valley: If done right, his design can inspire this.
  • Unexpected Character: His appearance in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 definitely qualifies.


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