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YMMV / MLP Collateral Damage

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  • Iron Woobie: Two examples.
    • Princess Ceymi, who after performing a dangerous mission for the Hive is "rewarded" by having Thermal Soar, her One True Love, gruesomely slain before her eyes, nearly goes mad, manages to recover — and merely reminds herself afterward that she should be more careful about forming emotional attachments to prey.
    • Cheerilee, who at age 9, with her father dead and her mother becoming a Hard-Drinking Party Girl, keeps her household running by taking charge when nopony else will do so. At no point whatsoever does she complain about the unfairness of a filly of her age shouldering such responsibilities.
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  • * Toy Ship: One begins between Big Mac (age 7) and Cheerilee (age 9), taking the form of a special friendship, after Big Mac rescues her and Berryshine from being lost in the Everfree, and Cheerilee cries on his shoulder in the schoolyard — the first time she has trusted anypony to see her true feelings about the death of her father Falcon Punch. Sadly, we know from canon that it's doomed — at least until a couple decades later.

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