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  • Awesome, but Impractical: A few examples.
    • The Black Hole Grenade. Kurt only gets them a few times during the game, and often in situations where they are far from useful.
    • The Missile Launcher can be found by Max in later levels. He only gets one at a time, and is usually found near the end of his levels.
  • Crazy Awesome: Max in spades. A six-legged, cigar-smoking robotic dog with a gravelly voice and the ability to wield four guns? Yeah.
  • Guide Dang It!: Suffers from a fair bit of this. Notable examples include:
    • Surviving as Dr. Hawkins in level 3 after opening an airlock by mistake. It involves magnets, duct tape, and a fishbowl on the head.
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    • Figuring out that in that same level that to bypass the room with all the rockets lying around, you have to toss your pet fish into the broken grate in the floor - leading to an unexpected short scene where you play as the fish. It doesn't help that Dr. Hawkins offers a "hint" about finding a monkey so you can get jelly and a blowdryer.
    • The moving blue spheres surrounded by clouds in level 4 - at no point is it even hinted that they provide lift to Kurt's parachute.
    • A very unclear sniping puzzle in early level 7 - requires Kurt to stand in specific locations to activate the sniper targets.
    • As Max in level 8, in the No Smoking area in Swizzle Firma, you have to destroy a large amount of breakable scenery to open the door to the next area.
    • Finishing off the final encounter in level 9 requires you to figure out that only pumpernickel shots work on the boss.
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    • For the final boss: Knowing you can stand on the bubbles inside Zizzy Balooba's body when you fight him as Dr. Hawkins., which allows you to punch his brain.
  • Porting Disaster: As averted as it can get with the WiiWare version.
  • Sequel Displacement: The article on the original Needs Wiki Magic Love than it gets now. The article on this game does not need as much. It doesn't help that this game got both a WiiWare port and an HD makeover, while the previous game got neither due to the source code of MDK becoming lost over time (possibly not helped by the fact the developer of MDK 1, Shiny, has since gone out of business).
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The Main Theme sounds like very much Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm.

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