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  • Americans Hate Tingle: While Snow is shown in the MAR manga to be listed as the top 10 most popular character in the franchise based on Japan, if you were to go on any forum, the reaction is the exact opposite of people stating their complaints of her being a Damsel Scrappy or her getting in the way of someone else for Ginta.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Rather than complain about their problems, characters on both sides use their angst as motivation to beat the crap out of their opponents.
    • Ginta sorta subverts this in a few scenes where he does feel genuinely homesick; but he quickly gets in over his head enough that he really doesn't have time to angst.
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    • Ginta sort of zigzags this in general after Snow is captured. Sometimes he can't get her out of his head and other times he seems to forget that she even needs rescuing. He does legitimately angst after she dies, but tries to hide it from everyone... nobody buys it.
  • Arc Fatigue: Pretty much everything after the sixth round. The show starts adding more and more filler and padding which prolongs both the monotonous Tournament Arc as well as Snow's rescue. Compared to the manga where she was only gone a volume and a half, she's missing 26 episodes here. It's mildly annoying watching it now, but imagine watching the show as it was airing. That's half of year of mostly filler. And then there's the Ghost Chess arc, which is loved by Yaoi Fangirls and people who wanted a better resolution to Phantom's character arc (that was anti-climatic in the manga) but disliked by others. The last 7 episodes are generally considered to end the series on a high note, though.
  • Awesome Music: The English anime's OP.
    • Tonight at Eden's Corner (the sixth ending).
  • Base-Breaking Character: Snow is a very divisive character to say the least. There are many who see her as a scrappy for getting in the way of Ginta and whoever they ship him with and for getting captured on screen at least twice (four times in the anime), but she does have her fans.
  • Complete Monster: The manga version of Halloween is one of the most sadistic and brutal members of the Chess Pieces. Originally a homeless and bullied boy by the name of Pamp, he had a firm belief that the weak become sacrifices for the strong, and promised to become strong so he could kill everybody in the village. He started off by killing neighborhood pets before going on to stab five kids to death and fleeing the village. During the first War Games, because he and Alan tied, he cursed Alan and Edward to be forcibly merged together out of spite. Six years later when Phantom resurrects, Halloween and Chimera launch an attack on the country of Acalupa, destroying it and wiping out the majority of its population, recounting to Ian how fun it was. To punish Ian for not taking part in the attack on Märhaven, Halloween has Chimera transorm Ian's best friend, Gido, into a grotesque mixture of human and monster, knowing it would cause more pain to Ian if his best friend was punished instead. During his fight against Alan in the second War Games, Halloween distracts Alan by setting several innocent spectators on fire while telling Alan how sickened he is by Alan's sense of protecting those in need.
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  • Die for Our Ship: Snow is the main victim of this whenever the pairing concerns Ginta with someone else.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Phantom, and for very good reasons.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Alviss is by far the most popular character in the series given that almost all artwork and fanart is mainly about him. It's even lampshaded in the series by Edward and Belle.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Most MAR fans, do not acknowledge MAR Omega as part of the canon-or a sequel. Mostly because, it was done by a completely differently mangaka, Ginta isn't even the main character, and the original main team characters are now basically support cast-or background characters.
    • Lots of people also consider the anime ending superior to the original manga's, which was anti-climactic, rushed and little bittersweet.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Nanashi/Dorothy is largely supported in the fandom due to their Belligerent Sexual Tension that they have.
    • Jack/Snow is surprisingly more popular than Jack/Pano (if only because of the Ghost Chess arc) on forum discussions.
    • On the Ho Yay/Foe Yay side, you have Ginta/Alviss, Phantom/Alviss and Rolan/Alviss with the first two being nearly tied.
  • Ho Yay: Has its own page.
  • Moe: Snow/Koyuki can be this at times, but there's also Aqua and Loco.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Halloween killing the bystanders, Peta killing the Luberian Thief Guild, Chimera turning Gido into a Tortured Monster, and Galian betraying the Thief Guild to Peta.
    • Diana could cross it at any number of points depending on the viewer. Keep in mind she betrayed her sister and her country and later sent the Chess Pieces to raze it, manipulated the entire world into TWO full-scale wars, and helped create the Chess Pieces in the first place, all to satisfy her greed. And that's not even taking into account how she treated poor Snow, in that she created her in the first place, having cloned her from Koyuki, which led to her real mother's death, for the purpose of sacrificing her to gain the real world as well.
    • King mass murdering several chess pieces, such as Pano's father and brother.
  • Nightmare Fuel: You've gotta admit, there are some scary things in this series. For example, the character Chimera, whom, upon having her mask broken off, she is shown to have a mass of multiple eyes on the right side of her face. Also, Pinocchion, just Pinocchion.
    • Episode 22 of the anime. The whatever it was that happened to the "person" who gave Loco her cursed ÄRM. It's not even made clear if the person died or not.
  • No Yay: Kolekkio/Jack scene during episode 33. Also a Funny Moment.
  • The Scrappy: People who watch the series tend to dislike Snow greatly whether it’s for shipping reasons or because she often needs to be rescued.
    • Also Edward and Belle are annoying, clingy mascots. Edward is only there to be a handicap for Alan before the curse was undone and once that happened, Edward had no character of his own. Belle in comparison reminds too many people of a certain fairy from a certain video game due to her annoying voice.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The series started out as a perfectly respectable adventure series, and was setting up for an epic journey across the country. Then the next episode cuts to them already at their destination and the majority of the series is spent on a fighting tournament. This wouldn't be so bad if the battles weren't such a step down from those of Flame of Recca. Fortunately, the anime fixes some of these things by adding filler arcs that don't have to do with the tournament and the aftermath which included the Ghost Chest arc and the final arc which had a much more satisfying ending than the original manga.
  • Too Cool to Live: Played with both Alan and Danna, the former is much stronger than the main cast, but a flaw in order to not make him too cool and the latter was possessed by the Big Bad, only to be revived at the end of the series, Chimera plays this straight though, only losing because Dorothy is too witty about disrupting her concentration.
  • The Un-Twist: Quite a few "plot twists" in this series are fairly obvious, mainly because the foreshadowing is a little too thick. Some of these include Ginta's dad being Danna, obvious because his father had gone missing six years ago... exactly when the last War Game happened. Koyuki and Snow being connected in some way, granted the exact nature of the connection differs between the manga and anime but nobody is pretending that the fact they were connected was in any way some kind of surprise. The Queen being Diana, and Diana being Dorothy's sister... I mean just look at her! They looked too similar for the revelation of them being related to be a surprise. The only plot twists that aren't untwists are ones that border on Shocking Swerve, such as Babbo being the spirit of the previous Caldean Elder... because nothing hinted at that earlier.


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