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YMMV / Lupin III (Red Jacket)

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  • Adaptation Displacement: Worldwide, people who know of Lupin III at all are far more likely to be familiar with the "Red Jacket" series than the earlier "Green Jacket" series – which prior to 2012 had only seen official release in Japan and Italy – even fewer have read the original Darker and Edgier manga.
  • Bizarro Episode: This series was especially prone to these. Having to release a new episode every week for three years meant they couldn't all be winners. Such as the one where Lupin wants to steal a cat who eats nothing but pencil shavings. Or the one where he decides to go to the moon using a popcorn-powered rocket. Or the one where he steals a diaper so an old lady can write a newspaper article. No, these are not the results of some random generator somewhere.
  • Broken Base: Long-time Lupin fans – who got into the franchise back in the 90's with the Streamline dubs of Mamo and Cagliostro – were extremely vocal about their dissatisfaction with the Gag Dub rewrites by Geneon (or more correctly, Phuuz). That some of the most vocal detractors also happened to work as professional reviewers for major websites did not help. Their constant complaining about the dub, coupled with Geneon's ill-advised decision to put the "Hitler's Legacy" episodenote  Out of Order on the home release after [adult swim] refused to air it, led to the series performing poorly on DVD and Geneon pulling the plug just as the series hit its halfway point. The abrupt cancellation upset many fans (the dub actors themselves among them).
    • Interestingly and ironically, the truly gag-dubby moments decrease significantly after the "first season" – 26 episodes. However, that was the only season [adult swim] aired in its entirety (except for that Nazi episode); they only aired a tiny handful of episodes from the second season and none from the third. Those other 53 episodes, though still funny, are much closer to Woolseyism than Gag Dub. Seasons four to six were never dubbed at all.
  • Complete Monster: Wealthy socialite William Huffner, from "The Bride Came D.O.A.", is Fujiko Mine's husband and mark to steal his jewels. Huffner, however, is secretly a ruthless Serial Killer who cheerfully murders his wives to preserve their corpses in a twisted form of art and relishes killing the women with his bare hands. To date, Huffner has murdered 99 wives and intends on making Fujiko the 100th, gloating when he corners her to try to kill her and add her to his sick tableau.
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  • Gateway Series: [adult swim] created a surge of anime fans from the few series they were airing. The Lupin franchise was no exception. Experienced fans have been able to note differences on Lupin opinions based on what another fan's gateway to the franchise was.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the tenth episode, Zenigatacon, Lupin, Jigen and Goemon had impersonated Zenigata at one point. Jigen was voiced by Richard Epcar in the dub. Years later, Richard would voice the real Zenigata in Funimation's dub of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.
  • Woolseyism: Depending on the episode (and on who you ask), the English dub of "Red Jacket" alternates between this and Gag Dub. After the first season – once [adult swim] decided not to option additional episodes – the infamous out-of-place pop culture references disappear. However, throughout all 79 episodes, the dub was always willing to tweak dialogue to improve the flow or make it better fit Western expectations, or sometimes to add a joke in a line that the Japanese had played straight. Probably one of the best bits of new dialogue was when Zenigata had chased Lupin into a subway tunnel at night. When a train came by in the original, he just said there wasn't a train this late, and that there was anyway when it came. The dub changes it to this:
    (train can be heard)
    Zenigata: Nah, must have just nodded off for a sec. Probably one of those sex dreams I've heard about.
    (train is coming down the tunnel toward him)
    Zenigata: This symbolism's very disturbing!


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