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YMMV / Lucius

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  • Black Comedy: In spades!
    • The over-the-top, karmic deaths
    • The household's nonchalance regarding the obviously troubled child in their midst
    • The Antichrist doing chores around the house, up to and including collecting his mother's used panties
  • Complete Monster:
    • Lucifer himself corrupts the titular Lucius Wagner into The Antichrist due to a deal he made with the boy's heartless grandfather. Lucifer periodically appears to Lucius, having him kill his family and workers, including his loving mother as a sacrifice. When Lucius finds himself in a destructive competition against another antichrist named Issac, resulting in the latter's death among numerous people, Lucifer is indifferent to the death of one son and proud of the promise Lucius shows. Lucifer also uses Detective McGuffin's crisis of faith to make him Lucius's guardian. Later on, Lucifer kills McGuffin by ripping his heart out and mockingly reveals he caused the death of his family. When Lucius considers going a different path than Lucifer's plans, Lucifer strips him of his power and leaves him to die in the apocalypse to come. Lucius later faces off with Lucifer as he tries to bring about Hell on Earth and Lucifer attempts to kill Lucius while mentioning that he's just one of many of his children he's done this with.
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    • Fabius Wagner is Lucius's power hungry and cold-hearted grandfather. Having previously gotten his family into power through his mob ties, Fabius was secretly a demon worshipper who made a deal with Lucifer to warp his newborn grandson into the future Antichrist, setting him on his path to evil. When Lucius gradually kills off his family and their help, Fabius feels no remorse for these deaths, saying that one of his dead sons was a disgrace to his family's legacy, in the face of his grieving brother. Believing himself as having a part in Lucius's destiny, Fabius eventually reveals to his grandson his part in making him who he is, prepares to have him sacrifice a captive reporter, and states his intent on being Lucius's guide and mentor in the end times.
  • Evil Is Cool: It is. It just is. Telekinesis, Mind Control and oh so many more deliciously evil powers. What more can you want?!
  • Narm: Isaac speaking. Sure, he's an Antichrist figure equal in power to Lucius, but it's tough to take him seriously with a generic demon-filtered voice emanating from a stiff, flapping mouth.
    • "The rest of you will join us beneath the bedrock of justice!"
  • Spiritual Adaptation: The setup is suspiciously similar to The Omen, with the juvenile, black-haired antichrist murdering people.
  • Uncanny Valley: This is one of the few cases where Limited Animation works. Lucius seldom has anything but a blank expression on his face and it's creepy.
  • What an Idiot!: The game has the eponymous character taking control of his "father" Charles into killing his mother, Nancy, with a nail gun. At the same time, McGuffin and another police officer are present at the scene.
    You'd Expect: that he puts two and two together that Lucius is responsible for taking control of his "father" and killing his mother and has him locked up. Happy ending, indeed.
    Instead: he comes to a conclusion that Charles is responsible for the murder, and tries to lead chase to him. During that time, he has the other police officer watch over Lucius which he does murder. For him, he assumes the worse after this.

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