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YMMV / Lucidity

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  • Breather Level: There's one that's very clearly intended to be as such by those who designed it. It's the final bonus level unlocked by getting all the fireflies in all the other levels. A lot of players are likely to expect the hardest shit ever, especially if the level is unlocked after obtaining the game's hardest-to-reach fireflies. However, what they get instead is a very simple, open-spaced layout with easy-to-reach fireflies and two paths of fireflies with pre-placed objects leading right toward the end at the final stretch. It's quite easy to obtain all the stage's fireflies in the minimum possible runs (two) without even really trying.
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  • Doing It for the Art: As per the page on The Other Wiki:
    LucasArts said these games were part of an "effort at LucasArts to form several small internal development teams and give them the creative freedom to make games that surprise, amaze and inspire", after several years of mostly making licensed games.
  • Follow the Leader: Limbo is the Darker and Edgier variation of the theme.


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