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YMMV / Lovejoy

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The comedy-drama series

  • Retroactive Recognition: Ian McShane is better known nowadays for his role as Al Swearengen in Deadwood.
  • Values Dissonance: Some of Lovejoy's flirting registers as more creepy than charming when viewed today, such as this exchange when Lovejoy wakes up on Jane's couch and asks if they had sex:
    Jane: No we did not! You were out cold.
    Lovejoy: Are you sure?
    Jane: I think I'd be the first to know about it, don't you?
    Lovejoy: Not necessarily.

The band

  • Acceptable Political Targets: The British Conservative Party, and the rich in general. There's the occasional tongue-in-cheek reference to the party ("Swore she'd never kiss a Tory but this boy was too good to lose"), but "The Fall" is a song directly calling out conservatives and the rich for being blind or willfully ignorant of the struggles of the working class, while hoarding more money than they know what to do with. The breakdown is directly saying that this kind of system is unsustainable, and that everything, at some point, has to come down.
    "So come on, one and all and see the apathy
    The reems of grey stencil that fills the tapestry
    I look to all of you and see a different fucking species
    Aspiration for a different destination to me
    Across the pennines there's a thin blue line, a knife and a mall
    I would do something if it wasn't all so effortful
    Cos I'm so high my brain can't even look at the fall
    And when you've reached the top there's nowhere else to go but..."
  • Covered Up: Based on viewership statistics, their (god-approved) cover of Los Campesinos!' "Knee Deep at ATP" is vastly more popular than the original.
  • Epic Riff: Starts with one on "Taunt".
  • Face of the Band: Given his popularity in the Minecraft community and the fact that he was releasing music long before the band was formed, it's unsurprising that people consider Wilbur Soot this.
  • Fandom VIP: Being the first subscriber to both Lovejoy and Ash Kabosu's YouTube channels, joining the band for their writing sessions, stopping "Perfume" from being cut from the Pebble Brain EP, being the announcer for Lovejoy if/when they go on tour, outright playing and practising with the band... it's no wonder TommyInnit is considered the #1 Lovejoy stan, if not a Promoted Fanboy.
  • First Installment Wins: A substantial part of the fanbase considers "Are You Alright?" better than "Pebble Brain" due to, among other things, the latter's muted vocals.