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YMMV / Love and Death

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The movie:

  • Genius Bonus: There are a lot of references to Russian literature.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The film refers to suicide numerous times. Olga Georges-Picot, the actress who plays Countess Alexandrovna, took her own life. She suffered from severe depression throughout her life and fell from a Paris building during a bout with the illness.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Jessica Harper provides a superb example of The Comically Serious as Natasha, Sonja's mopey cousin who goes on and on about her Love Dodecahedron.
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  • Special Effects Failure: Played for Laughs. The slap sound effect when the Countess' fiancee smacks Boris. He very visibly misses but the sound effects acts as if struck Boris.


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