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YMMV / Lou Grant

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  • Retroactive Recognition
    • James L. Brooks was co-creator and co-executive producer.
    • Seth Freeman directed three episodes and wrote 21 episodes and also served as producer. Freeman is best known as creator of Lincoln Heights.
    • James Burrows directed an episode. Burrows is best known as co-creator and co-executive producer of Cheers.
    • Gary David Goldberg wrote five episodes and also served as producer. Goldberg is best known as creator and executive producer of Family Ties and as co-creator and executive producer of Spin City.
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    • Patt Shea and Harriett Weiss wrote two episodes. Both are best known as creators of Archie Bunker's Place.
    • Peter Weller played Donald Sturner (a.k.a. Stryker) in "Nazi".
    • Brian Dennehy played Wilson in "Nazi".
    • Vaughn Armstrong played Rick Waterhouse in "Sports".
    • Ed Harris played Warren in "Hit", Rick Reiner in "Hazard" and Ralph Cooper in "Survival".
    • Meshach Taylor played Calvin in "Home", Marcus Prescott in "Charlatan" and Kinsasha in "Boomerang".
    • Jonathan Banks played Cyrus in "Sweep", Clay Starkes in "Kidnap" and a rapist in "Rape".
    • Robert Davi played Hector in "Slammer".
    • Danny Glover played Leroy in "Slammer".
    • Stephen McHattie played Curtis Folger in "Frame-Up".
    • Bruce Davison played Andrew Raines in "Andrew".
    • Michael J. Fox played Paul Stone in "Kids".
    • Rae Dawn Chong played Adrienne in "Lou".
    • Michael Jeter played Max Galt in "Dogs".
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    • Carl Lumbly played Beutel in "Hazard".
    • David Paymer played Roy in "Nightside".
    • Joe Regalbuto played Benson in "Pack".
    • Matthew Broderick played Mike in "Generations". This was his first on-screen role.
    • Alley Mills played Lisa Carruthers in "Search".
    • Ray Wise played Bart Franklin in "Strike".
    • Tyne Daly played Melissa Cummings in "Violence".
    • Conchata Ferrell played Myra Wexler in "Drifters".
    • K. Callan played Louise Florence in "Beachhead".