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  • The Woobie: Hiccup's parents died when he was a baby, his aunt and uncle die shortly before his village sells him as a slave. No village would keep him because he was scrawny and thus useless for manual labor, and was left to fend for himself against the harsh Nordic elements. When he finds shelter in a whorehouse, the cruel manager of the whorehouse declares him a Sex Slave before physically, verbally and sexually abusing him constantly. When Stoick decides to help him, Spitelout has him returned to his abusive master without Stoick knowing. After they make it to Berk, Spitelout convinces Stoick to allow his family to look after Hiccup, only to force him to labor all day with chores, give him barely any food, make him sleep on the floor, verbally abuse him every chance they get and then physically abuse him whenever he does something they don't like. When Stoick takes him into his home when he discovers the abuse, the Jorgensons spread word the fact that he was a bed-slave to the rest of the village - turning Hiccup into a walking omen to all but Stoick, Gobber, Fishlegs and Astrid - and make it clear him that they will only acknowledge his perceived flaws. Spitelout and Snotlout take him out in the forest with the intent to rape him before a dragon raid interrupts them, and Snotlout takes Astrid's axe with the intent of killing him in-front of everyone in the killing arena because Hiccup incapacitated the gronkle during training. Later, he is taken hostage by Alvin where he is raped and tortured repeatedly. By the time Stoick rescues him, he has been brand an Outcast and ends losing what little support he had from Stoick in the process. Hiccup just has "Cosmic Plaything" written all over him and he needs all the hugs he could get!

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