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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Channel Awesome, to the point where there’s not one, but three supercuts detailing Jason’s eternal hatred for the website on LordKaT Live.
    • Bob Chipman, whom he and his friends see as a sociopathic dumbass.
    • Brianna Wu, Zoë Quinn, pretty much anything pro and anti GamerGate altogether, and that’s all that’ll be said here.
    • Even after their initial gripe became long in the past, Noah Antwiler is still one due to his lack of output since 2014.
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    • As of recently, Greg D'Agostino, also known as Big Fazeek, has become a target for his outlandishly ridiculous “court use only” videos that have a lot of padding and contradictory stories as attempts to sue his family, while also causing himself physical harm and emotional abuse towards said family.
  • Fan Hater: Averted with Final Fantasy VII. While Jason has admitted he’s not a big fan of the game (and has made his dislike of the game clear in the past), he doesn’t have issues with the fans for liking it after calling out Nash for mocking fans who donated towards Shenmue III on Kickstarter and was even shown to be somewhat supportive of one of his friends when he showed excitement towards the then upcoming remake of it back in 2015.
    • Zig-zagged with Channel Awesome fans. While he doesn’t hate them per say, he is often annoyed by their blind devotion to the website even after the controversy regarding their game show kickstarter.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • During one episode of LordKaT Live, Jason angrily calls out Todd in the Shadows, Lindsey Ellis and Diamanda Hagan for demanding some of JewWario’s fans to stop supporting the loss of Justin because they supported GamerGate as well, with Jason proclaiming that they really weren’t his real friends and that they didn’t know anything about him. This was back in 2014, long before Justin’s sexual allegations came to light.
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    • Anytime he brought up mismanagement and poor leadership with Channel Awesome, Jason would get called out or even attacked by the fans for being a hater and letting his rage get the better of him. Come 2018 and the "Not So Awesome" document is released, exposing many of the things Jason has talked about for years.
    • Throughout the 2014-2016 episodes of LordKaT Live, Jason repeatedly kept saying that he wanted to get Brad Jones on an episode since the two got along real well even if the relationship between Jason and Channel Awesome was toxic. Then in January 2017 he openly announced, after reading a question he got, that Brad will most likely never be on the show, ever. While he never got into the specifics as to why, he had admitted that he had to hide Brad’s post many times and that he couldn’t hear him complain anymore, leading to the implication that Brad, in Jason’s eyes, became like the rest of the members of Channel Awesome he didn’t like.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • No matter what Jason does anymore (even after dropping the LordKaT name entirely and even apologized and showed some regret for the action), many people still won’t let Jason forget that he once told Spoony to go kill himself.
    • He pretty much dropped the LordKaT concept and changed the podcast name to Drop Dead Cynical as a way to distance himself from the Channel Awesome crowd. Even still he’s referred to by his original alias on occasions by many only familiar with him as LordKaT.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Jason and his friends have this attitude towards people like Bob Chipman (MobieBob) and Greg D'Agostino (Big Fazeek), who often times play victim to win sympathy from their fans after something bad or tragic happens to them, but fail to sympathies with the two when they’ve been known for their stupid, crazy and sometime threatening approaches for their sympathy (Bob for regularly blaming all of the worlds problems on right wing politics that should be discussed somewhere else, and Greg for, according to his own sister, physically harming himself as a way to sue his own family for money and for verbally abusing his family in the process).
    • Jason himself has also become subject to this from some for his outlandish shock-jock personality and his abrasive attitude towards those he doesn’t like. A notable example of this was when YouTuber Fredrick Knudsen did a video on Spoony and used Jason’s "The Reason You Suck" Speech after he was denied an interview with Minecraft developer Notch as an example of Spoony’s behavior and attitude doing more harm around others. While understandable that Fredrick used Jason’s reaction only as an example about Spoony’s descent into madness and never explicitly said Jason was in the right or wrong for doing so, many in the comments were quick to point out how Jason also did similar things to alienate himself from most of his own fanbase and for his aforementioned rant about wanting Noah to kill himself, making his rant feel less like a genuine response and more of a personal attack against him.
  • Vindicated by History: A bizarre inverted and played straight example. In the beginning LordKaT was well liked by many for his series Until We Win which covered easier ways on how to beat hard retro video games. Then he left Channel Awesome, disowning it every chance he got, dropped the show only rarely doing episodes occasionally in favor of a weekly podcast with him and his friends and his infamous rant against Spoony and wanting him to kill himself that he was then seen as a pariah by both Channel Awesome fans and casual internet on goers alike. Then the #ChangeTheChannel scandal broke out in early 2018 with many of the claims once being reported by Jason in the past note  coming to light and now he’s been retroactively looked at as one of the more underrated and sane men of the site aside from Guru Larry.


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