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YMMV / Lord Edgware Dies

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  • Hard-to-Adapt Work: The solution to the mystery hinges on an impersonation that is rather difficult to pull off on-screen without being obvious. The actresses playing Jane Wilkinson and Carlotta Adams have to look similar enough to each other that the audience won't guess that it was not Jane at the dinner party, but not similar enough for the resemblance to stand out and raise suspicions (the 1985 film, for instance, had Faye Dunaway play both parts). The director of the 2000 Poirot adaptation resorted to a cheat by showing the real Jane Wilkinson (Helen Grace) at the dinner party rather than Carlotta (albeit only for a few seconds and from an oblique angle), seriously undermining the Fair-Play Whodunnit - although, to be fair, not showing her face at the dinner would have been too much of a giveaway.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • In the beginning of the novel, Hastings and Poirot throw out a casually antisemitic observation about Carlotta Adams—that although she is a nice person, as a "Jewess" her fatal flaw is love of money. Christie clearly doesn't mean this remark to show they don't like Carlotta, or to make Carlotta unsympathetic—readers are obviously supposed to feel bad when she's murdered—which makes its offensiveness all the more jarring. These days, no character you're supposed to like would repeat a nasty stereotype like that, at least not without learning better, and you're not likely to see a Jewish woman described with that particular word unless a character is actively trying to insult her.
    • Other Jewish characters are mostly mentioned in relation to money or their noses.

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