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YMMV / Long-Haired Hare

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Even in the un-Bowdlerized version, it's entirely possible to see Bugs as an insensitive Jerkass in this short, in that Giovanni Jones is attempting to rehearse for an obviously important performance and Bugs' incessant singing is a very real distraction. On the other hand, it should be noted that Jones never once says to Bugs "Look pal, I've got a very important concert tonight I need to rehearse for, could you cut me a break, thanks" but rather defaults to physically assaulting Bugs and destroying his property, leaving Bugs to think he's just a "music hater".
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  • Culture Clash: Some critics have interpreted this cartoon as a clash between high-culture connoisseurs — those who among other sophisticated cultural tastes listened to, appreciated and were patrons of classical, jazz, show music, opera, perhaps sacred music and other "fine" music — and those who listened to mainstream popular music styles (vocal pop being the prevalent popular music style of the day (late 1940s), but also folk and country) and had more pop culture tastes. In one analysis, Giovanni Jones was used to personify those who consider pop culture as undignified and "a disease," hence his constant losing his temper every time he finds himself singing along with Bugs, and beating up the bunny when his rehearsals are constantly interrupted and his concentration interrupted. Conversely, Jones could also be viewed as a pure asshole, and that his tastes, like those of the very rich, are a sign of arrogance and smugness, as compared to the everyday, humble folk represented by Bugs (with whom the rich are characterized as thinking very unkindly of). In the end, the “high culture” group, personified by Jones, is — on what should have been Jones moment of triumph and glory — made to look utterly foolish during the concert, especially the finale (Bugs-as-Leopold conducting a comically absurd and insipid random mishmash of notes with the long-note ending, deliberately done to embarrass and humiliate).
  • Funny Moments:
    • The ending, not only for the absurdly long note Jones is forced to hold, but the fact that Bugs nonchalantly leaves, orders earmuffs by mail and comes back as his disembodied glove forces him to hold it for god knows how long.
    • The part right where Bugs-as-Leopold conducts a bunch of random notes in the most gloriously hammy way possible.
  • Genius Bonus: Yes, Leopold was a real person (you'll know him if you've ever seen Fantasia), and yes he was known for conducting without a baton (which is why Bugs breaks it when offered one).

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