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For the band

  • Covered Up:
    • "Heartbroke Every Day" was originally recorded by a little-known band called Pearl River.
    • Their debut album also included "Paradise Knife and Gun Club", originally a very obscure Roy Clark single.
    • Both of the singles from Coming Home ("You're Like Comin' Home" and "I'll Die Tryin'") were previously cut by Emerson Drive on their 2004 album What If?
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Most fans disown Party Heard Around the World, the only album to feature Cody Collins.
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  • First Installment Wins: A good chunk of the band's fandom sees their first album as their best work, due it being less over-polished and closer to traditional country than their later work.
  • Narm: The sappy, family-driven songs they did in their later years. "My Front Porch Looking In" sticks out as a particular offender. No song should ever use the words "sippy cup". Much like Rascal Flatts a decade later, the ham-fisted production of Dann Huff and Richie's whiny, theatric voice don't help.
  • Seasonal Rot: Consensus among critics is that their quality took a decline around the time of "I'm Already There", as they were recording too many "Amazed"-type power ballads and family-friendly songs.
  • Sequel Displacement: "Amazed" was the second single off Lonely Grill. The lead single, "Saturday Night", didn't even crack Top 40.
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  • Signature Song: "Amazed", and to a lesser extent, "I'm Already There".
  • Tear Jerker: Again, "I'm Already There"
    • Especially the radio cut inter-spliced with the family members of active duty veterans on deployment recording messages for them.

For the film

  • Award Snub: While the film was critically acclaimed and won various critics' and regional awards, the Oscars only nominated the film in the Best Screenplay category.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Delmar finding out that his Disappeared Dad Otis was watching Del's career in the military with pride, and the movie ending on the note that all three generations of the Payne family are coming to terms with each other.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The movie tracks the corrosive history of racism through a small Texas town on the Mexican border, and highlights how complicated humanity can get.
    Otis (talking to his grandson): Blood only means what you let it.


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