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  • Covered Up:
    • "Heartbroke Every Day" was originally recorded by a little-known band called Pearl River.
    • Their debut album also included "Paradise Knife and Gun Club", originally a very obscure Roy Clark single.
    • Both of the singles from Coming Home ("You're Like Comin' Home" and "I'll Die Tryin'") were previously cut by Emerson Drive on their 2004 album What If?
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Most fans disown Party Heard Around the World, the only album to feature Cody Collins.
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  • Narm: The sappy, family-driven songs they did in their later years. "My Front Porch Looking In" sticks out as a particular offender. No song should ever use the words "sippy cup". Much like Rascal Flatts a decade later, the ham-fisted production of Dann Huff and Richie's whiny, theatric voice don't help.
  • Seasonal Rot: Consensus among critics is that their quality took a decline around the time of "I'm Already There", as they were recording too many "Amazed"-type power ballads and family-friendly songs.
  • Sequel Displacement: "Amazed" was the second single off Lonely Grill. The lead single, "Saturday Night", didn't even crack Top 40.
  • Signature Song: "Amazed", and to a lesser extent, "I'm Already There".
  • Tear Jerker: Again, "I'm Already There"
    • Especially the radio cut inter-spliced with the family members of active duty veterans on deployment recording messages for them.


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