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  • Cant Unhear It: Odds are that whenever you read his lines, the voice in your head will likely belong to either Graham McTavish or Tom Hiddleston.
  • Complete Monster: Not often, but it has happened:
    • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!: He is the evil stepbrother of Thor, and is responsible for most of the events that occurred in the first season. Instigating a war between Asgard and the Frost Giants, Loki leads the Frost Giants in conquering Asgard and attempts to kill his brother, only to be defeated and exiled. However, he then engineers a mass breakout in multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. prisons, letting loose the most dangerous and vile criminals on the planet so as to keep Thor distracted. Loki and his forces then proceed to conquer each of the Nine Realms, putting his father Odin into eternal slumber and stealing his power for himself, while putting those who resist his rule in chains. With the Enchantress acting on his orders, Loki planned to launch a massive invasion force on Earth but was thwarted by the Avengers. When Thor was captured, Loki tortures him with the Odinforce, sparing his brother's life solely so he could helplessly watch Loki triumph. In his confrontation with the Avengers, Loki began to lose control over the Odinforce, but was willing to let his out-of-control power destroy all Nine Realms out of petty spite. When captured by his reawakened father, Loki showed no repentance for his crimes. With the Enchantress's help, Loki's spirit escapes imprisonment and possesses the powerful Destroyer Armor, proceeding to hunt down the Avengers rendered powerless by the Enchantress's spell. A petty and power-hungry narcissist, Loki derails from his usual acts of mischief into outright evil simply to prove himself as Thor's better.
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    • Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers: He is the Overarching Villain of the series, and the most personal villain the Avengers ever duel. After a failed coup against his father Odin and half-brother Thor for the throne of Asgard, Loki organized a supervillain rampage on an entire city to serve as a distraction while he trapped much of the world's superpowered population inside DISKs, small devices that Loki plans to use to absorb the abilities of all these individuals to make himself all-powerful. To reclaim these DISKs after they are scattered, Loki regularly has his minions cause chaos and destruction in their quest for the DISKs, notably mind-controlling Hulk into destroying an entire city. Though seemingly defeated, Loki is revealed to have survived by making a deal with the lord of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu, promising to offer Earth to him in exchange for being allowed to rule over the tortured souls that will be left after Dormammu lays waste to the planet. As a backstabbing betrayer, Loki plays sympathetic to leave his enemies, often his brother, open to attack, smugly mocks his most loyal henchmen for trusting him when he leaves them to die, and even turns on Dormammu himself, absorbing his powers into himself and making one last attempt to kill everyone who would stand against him before moving on to dominate the entire universe. Narcissistic and petty beyond belief, Loki, unlike his comic or film counterparts, cared for no one and nothing but himself and his quest for godhood, believing it be his divine right to subjugate all he sees.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Partly thanks to Tom Hiddleston's admirable performance, there are many who see him as a troubled Anti-Hero.
  • Evil Is Cool: When he's the villain, Loki has style and charisma. He's also one of the only people who've been able to go into a deal with Mephisto and come out on top.
  • Foe Yay: You know how the main page mentions that, while he was in a relationship with Storm of the X-Men, he gave her back her Elemental Powers, as she had been depowered at the time? Well, some people have not let go of the fact that when he empowered Storm, he did so by giving her a hammer very much like Mjolnir. Or of the fact her outfit was basically a feminized version of Loki's brother's...
  • Jerkass Woobie: His troubled childhood involving abusive biological parents and being ignored by most Asgardians who far preferred his brother over him is considered by many why he ended up becoming the Jerkass God of Mischief and Evil/Lies.
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  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Dashing? Handsome? Bisexual? Capable of Gender Bender at will? Played by Tom Hiddleston? Is it really a surprise some believe he has awoken certain feelings in all members of the Young Avengers and at least half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  • Love to Hate: He's quite cruel on occasion but he's also cool, stylish and a Magnificent Bastard.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Comics: Loki himself, Thor's wicked younger brother, is the God of Mischief and frequently forms schemes to embarrass or damage Thor and Asgard itself, which he has repeatedly taken over in some gambit or another. It is later revealed Loki even used time travel to arrange his own adoption at the hands of Odin, murdering his own abusive biological father Laufey, in a clever gambit to get revenge against Asgard in the future. Even when killed, Loki arranges to bring back his younger self and takes him over to return, simultaneously one of Thor's deadliest enemies and beloved brother, rarely lost for his charming smile and a backup plan, who defends Asgard and its people as much as he threatens it.
    • From Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Loki is a member of the aforementioned Doctor Doom's Masters of Evil, seizing an opportunity in the Masters to fulfil his dream of conquering Asgard. Despite being its newest member, Loki manages to quickly ingratiate himself into Doom's inner circle as his Number Two. Disguising himself as the traitorous Mandarin, Loki frames him for the chaos the Masters had caused in Atlantis. The deception worked, giving the Masters the necessary distraction to carry on with their plans undeterred. Loki then leads an invasion on Asgard with an army of super-soldiers and overthrows Odin as King of Asgard. Even as the heroes turn the tide, Loki has one final trump card — the Destroyer Armor. Supposedly defeated, Loki disguises himself as Nick Fury, tricking the heroes into freeing the armor from its prison for him. Upon revealing his deception he proceeds to hijack control over the Destroyer Armor and attempts to crush the heroes once and for all. A master of deception, Loki proves himself to be Doctor Doom's most invaluable ally.
    • From Avengers, Assemble!: Loki is the God of Mischief and a master at manipulating his brother Thor into doing what he wants. During his introduction, Loki helped the Avengers separate Doctor Doom from the Destroyer armor, only to betray them and try to use it for himself. He later instigated a fight between Thor and the Hulk, and offered them to Hela in exchange for her Horn; allowing Loki to steal her entire army. When he was taken prisoner to Valhalla, Loki tricked Thor into setting him free and preyed on his insecurities to make him unworthy to wield Mjolnir. In "Secret Wars", Loki reformed the Cabal from behind the scenes and had them scatter the Avengers across time and space. With the Avengers gone, Loki conquered the planet with the Casket of Ancient Winters and threatened to destroy the Earth should his rule be opposed. After being betrayed by the Beyonder, Loki pretended to help the Avengers and rebuilt the Bifrost to fix the damage the Beyonder caused. Upon being given the Eye of Agamotto by Doctor Strange, Loki betrayed the Avengers and stole Odin's powers to become the most powerful magic-user in the universe. A cunning opportunist, Loki stopped at nothing in his quest for ultimate power.
    • From Guardians of the Galaxy (2015) : Loki is the suave and cunning God of Mischief, and the Arc Villain of the "Asgard War" two-parter. Amidst rising tensions between Asgard and Spartax, Loki manipulates the Guardians into exposing Emperor J'Son for stealing the Cosmic Seed from Asgard years ago. In reality, Loki had stolen the Seed back from J'Son, intending to start a war between Asgard and Spartax. When Thor goes to war, Loki hijacks the Destroyer Armor and tries to eliminate his brother which would leave him Asgard's wartime leader and sole heir to the throne. Although exposed by the Guardians, Loki "redeems" himself by aiding in stopping Thanos from invading Asgard. Later imprisoned for unknown crimes, Loki forms an Enemy Mine with the Guardians when Asgard was invaded by symbiotes, only to later betray them and attempts to send the symbiotes to Midgard instead. Thwarted and captured, Loki uses a binding spell he had casted on Star-Lord earlier, influencing him to request Loki be pardoned once again. A smooth-talker and opportunist, Loki always weasels his way out of any situation, claiming to be acting for what's best for Asgard.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I do what I WANT, Thor!" Yeah, that's telling him, Loki!
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • He did many terrible things in the past, but forcing his own younger self to be assimilated by an echo of his old memories, so he could gain his reputation and body has put him past redemption. He has come to hate himself for doing that ever since.
    • Some would also claim that tricking a woman, Sigyn, into becoming his wife after Loki made sure her betrothed had an "unfortunate accident" would count as this.
    • He also held Eric Masterson's son, Kevin, hostage to goad Thor to fight him. When he expressed reluctance at killing him, Loki showed him he was very willing to kill by blasting at Kevin and his mother. While the Enchantress managed to have Kevin's guardian Susan vaporized instead, his point was made very clear—especially since this happened in front of the young boy. This act was so heinous that Thor did kill Loki for it—for a little while.
    • His actions during the Dark Reign and Siege arcs - among other things, suggesting to Norman Osborn that he stage some sort of "incident" giving Asgardians a bad reputation, leading to Osborn deliberately sending the U-Foes to fight Volstagg in a crowd, getting a lot of people killed in the collateral damage of the fight for an excuse to attack Asgard - were so heinous even he realized his reputation was irreparable and he was beyond redemption. So he arranged for two copies of himself, one a mostly innocent child with the personality and morality of his younger self and few memories of evil Loki's deeds and the other an "echo" of evil adult Loki's mind and memories, then got himself killed. Fortunately for everyone involved except the wicked old god, the old Loki is dead, and the new versions - including the merger created when the echo assimilated the child - are a case of Clones Are People, Too, though tormented by guilt over their progenitor's actions and fear that they'll become like him.
  • My Real Daddy: Though Loki had been under the pen of different writers over the years, it was under Kieron Gillen that Loki transformed from a typical Cain and Abel Card-Carrying Villain into a more layered and complex villain/anti-hero.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: "Kid Loki" was a chance to see what good Loki could accomplish if he weren't an utterly egocentric Jerkass. Status Quo being what it is, this was casually discarded as just another way to stave off for a few more fleeting issues being considered predictable. This was ultimately subverted when it turned out that when Kid Loki merged with Ikol, an echo of old Loki's memories, it cursed them both with a guilt complex and the same inner goodness he had. While try as he might, the resulting younger Loki couldn't fully commit to his previous villainy, and ultimately he's not the same fiend he once was, and while "Kid Loki" may be gone, the influence he's had has caused Loki to follow his example, and become a very popular Anti-Hero in the vein of his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: After his reincarnation as Kid Loki, his gold headband doesn't have his horns, but a little V that looks similar to them (the V is also on his tunic). The headband also has little wings over his ears—just like the ones on Thor's helmet. Commentary on how he could still be good, perhaps? When he pretended to betray Asgard out of resentment, the flames of Muspelheim surrounding him briefly took the shape of his old horns.
  • The Woobie: People cannot seem to help but feel pity for his kid counterpart after all the hardships he goes through up to an echo of the old Loki forcing him to assimilate with him.


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