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  • Awesome Music: The series uses many obscure songs to good effect.
    • In "As Above, So Below" Broadcast's "Come On Let's Go" plays as Ernie and Dud drink in the tavern and really begin their friendship.
    • In "The Slide", Three Degrees' "Collage" plays as Liz and Dud both contemplate their current aimlessness, somehow managing to mesh with Liz's disenchantment and Dud's contentment.
    • In "Circles", Broadcast's "The Book Lovers" adds a nice mysterious ambiance to Blaise and Liz's journeys back through the history of Orbis, Parabola, and Lodge 49.
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    • In "La Reve Impossible", the Oh Sees' "Animated Violence" adds a hilariously epic vibe to Liz and Metz's impromptu dumpling-eating contest.
    • In the same episode, the Soundcarriers' cover of Scott Walker's "The Seventh Seal" makes Ernie's stealing of the bowling bag even more heroic.
  • Squick:
    • Blaise pulling out a lengthy, parasitic worm out of his right nostril.
    • Dud's infected shark bite. Doubly so when Blaise pulls a shark tooth out of it.
  • The Woobie:
    • Sean. A genuinely nice guy whose life went to shit within a year. With his father dying, receiving a snake bite that never healed properly and prevents him from working or surfing, and being forced to live in his car after losing his childhood home.
    • Liz too, for having to work a dead-end job and assume responsibility for paying off her late father's debt, which is so severe that the bank is garnishing her wages.

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