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  • Acceptable Targets: Philosophers, apparently.
    Jeremy: We can't allow this technology to fall into enemy hands!
    Matt: Absolutely! I shudder to think what the Germans would do-
    Graham: Woah, the Germans?
    Matt: Sorry, the, er... the Russians?
    Graham: (whispered) No...
    Matt: Uh, the Chin- (Graham shakes his head)- Koreans-?
    Graham: Terrorists! Yes, the terrorists!
    Jeremy: What?! Where have you been, agent! I'm talking about the greatest enemy this nation has ever faced: The Antarcticans!
    Matt: ...The Antarcticans?
    Graham: I didn't think anybody lived in Antarctica.
    Jeremy: Would you stake your country on that?? Or have they already gotten to you? I can hear the penguins marching now!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Ben Ulmer, also known as "Bengineering", who appeared at some recent Desert Bus marathons and was loved by the chat, who clamored for him to become a permanent part of LRR (which eventually happened, to the delight of many).
  • Genius Bonus: Crapshots 382, "The Sauces". Each of the various hot sauces are given Scoville scale ratings, none of which are low by any means. The last of them, 'Die in a Hole', is rated at sixteen million scoville. While this might seem like a Broke the Rating Scale joke at first, it just so happens that there is something that holds that specific Scoville rating: Pure Capsaicin.
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  • He Really Can Act: Andy just knocks it out of the park in "A Warning". Remember, he's actually a full-time actor.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Crapshots were something originally made by Alex independently of LRR, with Graham's help, and rarely involving other crew members. It died out and went on hiatus. Then it was brought back as an official LRR creation, and nowadays it's basically their primary focus in content creation besides their streams.
    • Back in an early episode of CommodoreHUSTLE, they made many Take Thats to YouTube, refusing to upload their videos there and everyone being various levels of displeased or disgusted by it, sans Matt. Cut to today, where all their content is put on YouTube, and in fact one of the crew's biggest regrets when starting up was they didn't start going on YouTube earlier.
    • The season 4 finale showed a flash forward to the future, where the crew is now elderly and gathered for the 30th anniversary. Those gathered are Graham, Paul, James, Jer, and Matt, with Morgan mentioned and showing up in the end. Jer, Matt, and Morgan have since left (with Jer and Matt still occasionally returning) and numerous new crew members have shown up, such as Beej, Ian, Cameron, Cori, and Heather, with Kathleen and Alex going from at-the-time occasional contributors to full-on crew, rendering the supposed 30th anniversary completely inaccurate.
      • That said, part of it has gained accuracy; since the shooting of the finale, Paul shaved his goatee, went clean-shaven for years, then finally grew it back as a full lower-face beard that more accurately matches what "older Paul" had in the season 4 finale.
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    • In one CH sketch, Kathleen said she'd rather have cats instead of children. Now she has both!
  • Memetic Badass: One word: ''Octopimp''. You would have had to see Desert Bus III to understand...
    • Paul, oh so much. Possibly inspired by some of the earlier videos, but taken to new heights with "This is Why I'm Paul" from the "Rapstar 64K" video.
      • In fact, Paul's beard has its own fandom, who have only become more rabid since he shaved completely during Desert Bus 2. Interestingly, all of this was before Unskippable was picked up by the Escapist (increasing Graham and Paul's online profiles and leading to further Escapist work), making Beard Worship a kind of bragging right for longtime fans.
  • Memetic Mutation: Just use fucking Space Jump!
    • And in the rare occurrence of a meme started meme, that eventually created "Spain Jump!"
    • Paul has 3 PS3s.
    • Just do it live.
    • "Oh hi, I didn't see you there."
    • The Creepy Doll
    • Everything is always Steve's fault.
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    • Replacing expletives with the word bus.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Graham is terrified by the Creepy Dolls. Sadly, they seem to be multiplying in number.

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