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YMMV / Living 'til the End

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  • Fridge Horror: Jack admits to Dr. Shaw that, while on a vacation as a young boy, he killed his father who was suffering pain from a terminal disease. However, we only have Jack's word that his father explicitly asked to be euthanized.
  • Rewatch Bonus: The second time through, try watching the film with a checklist of suicide warning signs handy, and Audrey's behavior makes as lot more sense.
    • At the beginning, there's a scene where we see Audrey take a pill from a bottle her medicine cabinet. We never see her do it again. The viewer might be led to believe it is related to her terminal condition. However, it's more likely now that it's an antidepressant. And it is significant that we never see her take that medication again, so she is off her meds.


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