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YMMV / Living Dead Girl

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  • Complete Monster: Ray kidnapped the heroine Alice when she was ten, and five years hence has raped her daily and starves her. Ray had another "Alice" before this one, but when she outgrew her child body, he murdered her. Ray keeps control of Alice by threatening to murder her parents should she try to escape, and makes Alice try to find him a new girl to continue the cycle. He also intends to kill her once he has his new "Alice,"note  and it is implied that he will kill her parents anyway once she's dead, despite lacking any reason to do so.
  • The Woobie/Jerkass Woobie: Alice. You feel sorry for her, but then you see what she does to others in order to make herself feel stronger.
    • Rather understandable considering her circumstances, though. Five years as an abused, underaged sex slave isn't very good for your moral compass.

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