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  • Awesome Music: Has admitted that the dub opening of Yugioh GX is really good.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: He originally auditioned for Ginyu in DBZA before the guys decided he was perfect for Freeza during the audition process. Back in 1999, this was the same character, as well as arc, that Sean Schemmel auditioned for when the official Z dub was being recast in Texas to continue the dub, only to be cast as Goku instead.
    • His Freeza voice also has him affecting a more Posh British accent than he usually speaks in to fit Freeza's royal status and his original speech patterns in the Japanese portrayal. When Kai was being dubbed, they recast the role to Chris Ayres, who affects a similar accent and voice to LK, for the character to do the same thing. This was done completely independent of the Abridged series, obviously, due to the timing of both shows being produced, but it's a great coincidence that both shows would introduce similar portrayals for the character in English.
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    • He was the originator of the online Abridged Series, but after Team Four Star, whom he became friends with, improved on the formula with Dragon Ball Z Abridged after initially taking influence from him, he improved upon his formula by taking influence from them.

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