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YMMV / Little Darlings (Literature)

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Is Kate telling the truth about Destiny being Danny's daughter, or is she just delusional? Did Kate and Danny have a real relationship as she believed or was it more of a one-night-stand? Did they ever actually meet at all?
    • Does Danny care about meeting Destiny and making things work with Suzy, or is he really just doing it for money and fame?
  • Jerkass Woobie: Although she's not a nice person, it's difficult not to feel a bit sorry for Suzy when Danny cheats on her, then leaves her for another woman. It's implied that Danny only comes back to her in the end to make a reality show...centred around the child he had with another woman. Her backstory also makes her more sympathetic; it's mentioned she grew up very poor and had to basically fend for herself until she made it big as a model.
  • The Woobie:
    • Sunset. Although she's wealthy, she's constantly in the limelight, which she hates and has little control over her own life. She has no friends and is caught in the middle of her parents' marriage problems, which get progressively worse. Her parents barely acknowledge her except to criticise her; her mother in particular constantly puts her down and berates her, and even tries to goad her into arguing back so she can tell her off for 'cheek'.
    • Destiny. She is being raised by a single mother who is constantly out working to support them and lives in a rundown house in a not-so-nice neighbourhood. She was once caught up in her mother's relationship with a Domestic Abuser, who hit her too, and lived in a shelter at one point. She constantly has to watch out for the rival gangs on her estate, both of whom would target her because she's not affiliated with either of them, and gets picked or ignored at school, finding it difficult to make friends. She finally gets a chance to meet her father, only for him to ignore her, whilst his wife dismisses her and her mother as lunatics or gold-diggers, leaving Destiny wondering if her mother is just making it all up. She takes part in a talent show, only to place second to last because the show is judged by her classmates, who only vote for their friends despite her singing her heart out. And on top of that, she has to cope with her mother becoming very ill, with the possibility she may not even be able to care for her anymore.

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