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YMMV / Little (2019)

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In the beginning, Jordan makes a transphobic insult towards her neighbor's 4-year-old "daughter" and it's never mentioned again.
  • Funny Moments: When April spanks Jordan in a parking lot in front of a police officer.
    Police Officer: You remind me of my mama.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Jordan being transformed back into an adult and becoming much nicer to everyone.
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    • Jordan’s relationship with her boyfriend improves when the former is turned back into an adult.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This isn't the only 2019 film to have similarities to Big. They're even released a week apart from each other.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Jordan is a huge bitch to others and there is no excuse for her actions, but you can’t blame her for feeling insecure about herself after being treated like crap growing up. You can’t even blame her for not wanting to return to middle school when she is magically turned into a child.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • The little girl's wish for Jordan to turn into a kid is impressive.
    • Jordan driving her car. What's more awesome is another scene of Jordan as a child driving her Cool Car.
    • April finally stands up to Jordan and lets the latter know what her workers were thinking of her nasty attitude.
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  • Narm: In the beginning when Jordan’s dad is trying to give her inspiring words, his wife responds by putting her finger up and going “Yes!”, almost as if the actress was just remembering then and there that that was her line. It comes off as so awkward.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • When Jordan stops by her middle school to start the day, she gets bad memories of the times she was bullied and humiliated.
    • Jordan being cyber bullied in her old middle school. This is because this time, she did nothing to deserve it.
    • Jordan tells her backstory of why she’s such a huge bitch to others when she was an adult. She was bullied, she had no friends, and tried (& failed) to fit in.
    • Jordan and April's heated argument during the near end of the movie can count. April gets fed up with Jordan's behavior and she eventually quits her job out of anger. Although Jordan deserved to get called out for her jerkass behavior, you can't help feel sorry for her too because Jordan felt that April was eventually going to take her spot.
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  • Unfortunate Implications: Towards the beginning of the film, Jordan cracks a very transphobic joke towards a little girl. Many reviews pointed this out and how it completely stuck out in an otherwise enjoyable movie (especially since Jordan doesn't make any other jokes of the sort in the movie). The original writer of the script has since said that part was added in after she turned in the script.


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