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  • All There in the Manual: Or all there in Twitter feed in this case. It is highly recommended for people to follow her on Twitter as any divisive statements she has made in her videos will receive follow-ups or change opinion later on. Even in this very wiki any entries/opinions on certain subjects will get deleted due to her rotating opinions on her latest Twitter post.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • She has gone on record to say that she regretted the crossover review of Moulin Rouge! because Doug wrote it and her lines were his opinions - since she actually enjoys the film. In her essay of Phantom of the Opera she talks more positively about Moulin Rouge! and why it works as a film.
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    • Her Nostalgia Chick review of Hercules earned a lot of criticism for its mocking tone - despite her saying that it was flawed but she still liked it. In her video essay on Hercules she gets very technical on why she feels it doesn't work, while also praising its good points.
  • Awesome Music: The "Orc Cop Rap" by Masta Artisan aka The Rap Critic from the Bright review.
  • Bizarro Episode: "YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)" is much more stylised and surreal than her usual output — featuring a lot of Retraux and ContraPoints-style production to go with her analysis. So far, it's also the only time she's ever analysed online content as the main topic.
  • Critical Research Failure: On her Loose Canon video on the Wicked Witch of the West, she claims that MGM still owns the rights to 1939's The Wizard of Oz... except they don't anymore. Warner Bros. have owned the rights since MGM sold most of their Turner catalog to them in the late 90's. She also confuses the release dates of the Wicked Broadway musical and the similarly-titled, but totally unrelated movie Wicked (1998).
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  • Growing the Beard: While The Nostalgia Chick is generally well-liked by most, many agree that Lindsay's more serious and investigative post-Chick material is a huge leap in quality. Lindsay herself has advised viewers not to watch any of her work from before 2015.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In this video talking about film school with Dan Olson, Lindsay lays some shade at unnamed "exploitative assholes" she used to work for on sets that were "a total shitshow." Following the publicity surrounding the #ChangeTheChannel controversies more than a year later... it's pretty obvious in hindsight who she was referring to.
    • Her old Blonde Girls video as Nostalgia Chick where she calls Kesha's music a Guilty Pleasure and questions how good a message her Hard-Drinking Party Girl image is sending to her fans. She draws attention to this in her third video on The Hobbit that - once she discovered the circumstances under which that image was manufactured - she could no longer enjoy the music the way she used to.
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    • The Loose Canon video on Santa Claus has a line where she says she's not someone who loves the innocence and nostalgia of childhood. Again her videos on The Hobbit are partly about her discovering that The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were made under the exploitation of the New Zealand film industry - and that she wishes she could feel the same way she did as a child when she watched the original trilogy.
    • In her video on Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lindsay puts forth the argument that Disney radically changing the moral of Victor Hugo's original novel is justified because Hugo's original message — a call for the Notre Dame cathedral to be renovated and preserved — had already been heard and accomplished. Less than two years after the video came out, the real Notre Dame caught fire due to a mishap involving its constant renovations and was only barely saved from total destruction. A line where Lindsay notes the historical inaccuracy of Quasimodo in the film climbing on a spire that wasn't erected until the 1800s in real life hits particularly hard since that very spire collapsed in the fire and is no longer there.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!: Not as much as her time as the Nostalgia Chick, but Lindsay isn't immune to this either:
    • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! fans don't seem too happy that Lindsay called the show "unremarkable" in her Captain America Loose Canon video.
    • Her very short quip about Ready Player One in "The Upside Down of Nostalgia" earned her a disproportionate amount of backlash.
    • Some fans of Bright weren't too keen on her video explaining why it didn't work as a movie.
    • She got a lot of flack for a comment made in the Pocahontas video where she criticised Disney for featuring heroic white characters in The Princess and the Frog, where she seems to be implying that the movie ignores the racism of the time altogether (it doesn'tnote ) and that Lottie and her father are somehow Mighty Whiteys - which they aren't - and the story features numerous other white characters that aren't heroic. Several comments pointed out that making a story darker doesn't automatically make it better.
    • The Pocahontas video itself - though this was a more divisive reaction. Rather a lot of comments criticised her views on the movie - particularly her accusation that "Pocahontas falls in love with the first white man she sees", which ignores that Pocahontas tries to leave when John insults her and her people. Her comments about stereotyping in Moana were met with a similar reaction.
    • As mentioned before, she gotta lot of flak for her Hercules review, even when she made a separate video clarifying her views people felt she was overly harsh. Her comment of “everyone knows it sucks” especially drew ire considering how many consider the film to be one of Disney’s most underrated movies.
    • Discussed in her epilogue to "YouTube: Manufacturing Authenticity (For Fun and Profit!)," where she addresses the apparent misconception a number of her own critics have that just because she's analyzing something doesn't automatically mean she's saying something negative about it, just that she doesn't want to take everything at face value. Trolls ignored this and tried to launch a smear campaign against her when they "revealed" that she had a corporate sponsorship with the same people who made Man About Cake, calling her a hypocrite.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Lindsay comments in her Loose Canon video about the Wicked Witch of the West that Disney's Oz productions of The New '10s take such obvious inspiration from MGM's The Wizard of Oz, that "Disney just wants the rights to the 1939 film so bad!" In 2017, The Wizard of Oz joined the library of the Disney-owned digital movie distribution service Movies Anywhere, via a deal to carry several Warner Bros.-owned films, including works MGM produced before getting bought by Ted Turner in 1986.
    • In her video on Disney villains, she makes a long, snarky speculation on the plot of Disney's then-to-be-released Gigantic based on their prominent recent fondness for self-subversion. This became a bit more amusing when it was later announced that Gigantic was shelved due to its creators hitting a creative brick wall.
  • Internet Backdraft: Her video on Twilight got some flack for ignoring some of the Unfortunate Implications in the story when saying it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. While she did have a section examining the problematic parts of the saga, she focused more on the creepy parts of Edward's courtship ("I like watching you sleep") rather than the outright abusive undertones that show up in later books.
  • More Popular Spinoff: Her video essays are this in relation to her old show. In particular, they usually get plenty of upvotes on r/movies, usually with reactions like "why wasn't she making these in the first place?" In fact, one of the main reasons it was an Old Shame for her is that she admits real critical analysis was what she wanted to do, rather than the method of "comically summarize and nitpick movie everyone already knows is bad" that she had to do before.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: In the video for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the part where she insists Phoebus and Esmerelda ending up together is okay. Specially she says "this is fine" over and over in the most Adorkable way.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • A recurring one that gets dropped a lot is that (contrary to popular belief), media criticism is not intended to shame people for liking certain things, especially if it addresses Unfortunate Implications in regards to things like gender or race. It is important to think critically about the media you consume though.
    • She drops the anvil hard on the Girl-Show Ghetto in "Dear Stephenie Meyer" - outlining the Double Standard held between bad media aimed at boys that doesn't get the same level of hate as that aimed at Twilight. She also noted that a lot of the hate came from other girls who seemed to want to distance themselves from girliness in a Female Misogynist sort of way.
    • In her video of the Beauty & the Beast remake she makes the very good point that pedantic nitpicking is not the same as critical analysis, and the resulting negative impact it can have on media.
    • Her last video for her three-part review of The Hobbit also drops the important message that accepting that the makers of your favorite entertainment have done something morally objectionable is not the same as accepting when people in any other business do it simply because entertainment, by default, requires the audience to trust its creator with their emotions.
    • The entire point of her Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds video is to definitively say that simple entertainment (the former) can still be satisfying if it's structurally functional and that a Darker and Edgier movie isn't automatically more sophisticated, let alone good, if it's structurally unsound.
  • Spiritual Successor: Lindsay quit “Nostalgia Chick” in 2015, and describes the newer series, “Loose Canon” (where she looks at different iterations of one character) as a successor to the former.
  • Unconventional Learning Experience: Invoked. Lindsey has half-jokingly claimed that she wants to turn video essays into a legitimate form of education, largely to "save you from the student debt". Indeed, one can learn lots about film theory, production and writing from watching The Whole Plate.

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