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YMMV / Life With Lamarr

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  • Badass Decay: Barney between the events of Blue Shift and the comic.
    • That being said, he does occasionally have his moments from time to time. Such as when he single-handedly takes down Fisher and Jango in Episode 65
  • Fridge Horror: Realising that Breen slept with his own mother was squick enough as it was, but it only gets worse when you realise that she actually started enjoying it!
  • He's Just Hiding!: The usual reaction whenever a canon character is supposedly killed off. Non-canon characters on the other hand...
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  • Les Yay: Fran Serviss and Henrietta Tye. Also, this conversation between Kleiner and Mossmon:
    Dr Kleiner: "Judith? I was just wondering... During coitus in the stock cupboard this morning... Whose name was that you were shouting out exactly?
    Mossman: Hmm? Oh, I'm sure it was yours, darling.
    Kleiner: It didn't sound like my name... It sounded more like Honoria! Who is Honoria?
    Mossman: Oh, she's that girl from the warehouse... Firm thighs.

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