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  • Crosses the Line Twice: LCS attempts to satirize terrorism, to the point of inserting humorous elements into the torture-and-brainwash minigame.
  • Demonic Spiders: Any firearm wielding (and likely armored) Conservative can, if the RNG is particularly unkind, instantly kill one of your Liberals. Possibly worse are the Arch-Conservatives, who attack psychologically rather than physically. Their psych attacks are not only very difficult to resist, but can take hundreds of juice away from a liberal and leave them unable to attack should one succeed. If your Liberal hits below -50 Juice due to this? They become a Conservative themselves. Thankfully, however, you can shoot them first before they attack, or just plain kidnap them if you've got a gun, since Arch-Conservatives must be unarmed to attack psychologically. Finally, the Conservative Crime Squad will never let up their attack efforts once they discover your safehouses, continuing monthly sieges until either the LCS or CCS is destroyed.
    • CCS Bosses themselves also pack Heavy Ceramic Armor(making them near-impossible to kill even with a 6 man squad concentrating their fire) and an AA-12 Shotgun that can hit twice compared to regular shotguns, easily capable of killing a Liberal.
    • Guard dogs. Their ability to notice stealthy characters is above anything else's (with 10 stealth skill, you have a just above 9% chance not to be noticed if you're alone), which makes a stealth run that much more harder than necessary. And of course, you'll find them at high-security areas, so you'll have agents or tanks after you depending on your location.
  • Game-Breaker: If one is hauling a liberal, they can threaten them as a hostage. This would be glaring enough, but cops— who usually take the hostage away in exchange for (temporary) freedom— will also go in for this, but with your "hostage" remaining with you. You can use this to get out of nearly any high-security area without trouble.
    • Reporters and similar news agents were this as sleepers in old builds of the game; getting a few news-oriented sleepers was almost an Instant-Win Condition. They've been severely nerfed in more recent builds.
      • Violence is also overpowered. Get a squad of Liberals that can consistently massacre the Police Station to shut it down(meaning no heat gain, no police raids) and the rest of the game becomes a boring cakewalk, with the only threat to your liberals being stupidity(Hanging around too long and getting massacred in a vehicle chase, for example), overconfidence(Attacking the army base) or bad luck.
      • An exploit related to the first CCS Safehouse, the Desert Eagle Bar and Grill, allows you to farm CCS Bosses for Sleeper agents or new Liberals easily. CCS Safehouses are defeated only if the CCS Boss is killed. Seducing and datenapping a CCS Boss before enlightening him(giving you a free Sleeper Agent or a Liberal with high stats) does not count as defeating a CCS Safehouse. You can have a potentially infinite amount of Sleepers or LCS Members(enlightening a hostage doesn't count towards the recruitment cap) as long as you never shut down the Bar and Grill.
  • Nausea Fuel and Nightmare Fuel: The combat descriptions go for this with gusto. Automatic weapons frequently blow heads apart, shotguns can blow limbs off, and the text constantly describes wounded characters reacting to their injuries by pleading for mercy, vomiting, and so on.
    • "Liberal shoots at Police Officer with a M16! Liberal hits the torso. Police Officer gasps a last breath and soils the floor." "Liberal shoots at SWAT Officer with a M249 Machine Gun! Liberal Guardian hits the head five times BLOWING IT APART! Swat Officer squirts blood out the neck and runs down the hall. "

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