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  • Badass Decay: Given the right opponent he could look like a million bucks. But if he was given the wrong one, it wasn't pretty.
    • Sadly has this in real life now, being resigned to a wheelchair after a nasty bout of spinal stroke and resultant muscle atrophy.
  • Base-Breaking Character: They say his heart wasn't in it, that Lex never really "loved" the business. Is that true? Was there more to it than that? Is it as simple as the gimmick they planned being too much of a rehash of "Real American" Hulk Hogan? File each of these under "unsolved mysteries".
  • Creator's Pet: Luger didn't make a lot of friends in the back, either. Not only because he didn't "win" his title (it was a coronation, and everyone knew it), but because he was sitting pretty in his air conditioned tour bus while everyone else had to pay for their own hotels or even slept in their cars. Financially, it was the dark age of the WWF at this time, with ticket prices dropping as far as $5 for kids' seats at SummerSlam. Bringing Lex and the WBF onboard at a starting cost of $15 mil was a ridiculous waste of money.
    • Luger's contemporary Kevin Nash asserted that the boys didn't dislike Luger personally, and thought he would've been a fool not to cash in the golden ticket given to him by Vince, but he wasn't the right guy for that spot and they all knew it.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: His jumping ship from the WWF to appear on the first episode of Nitro, before such jumps became passe.
  • Memetic Mutation: In one unfortunate promo with Devin Sturgis, Lex is defeated by a t-shirt. SUPERBRAWL SATURDAY?! CAN HE AFFORD TO PAY ME TO WRESTLE RON? I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOW! and THE T-SHIRTS ARE TOO TIGHT TOO, BILLY! *whack!* DOOR'S LOCKED, TOO!
  • Narm: Good luck watching one of his matches and not hearing him yell in overly dramatic fashion whenever he took a hit. This is something that the OSW Review guys mocked him relentlessly for.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • He put his hands on Miss Elizabeth. Already off to a bad start. And then the trauma from that played a factor in her drug overdose 10 days later. So he's not exactly a darling of the IWC.
      YouTube comment: AND THEY'RE GONNA PUT ME IN A CELL FOR KILLING?!? ("No it's a match with Ron Killings") I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOW! *hauled off to jail*
    • Oddly enough Randy Savage, Elizabeth's ex husband, professed to harbor no ill will at all to Luger, and that her drug use and subsequent death were her own doing.
  • Replacement Scrappy: After Hulk Hogan left, Luger was plugged right into Hogan's All-American Face gimmick, his main event spot, and even his feud with Yokozuna. Suffice to say, there is only one Hogan and the fans weren't even too crazy about him at that point. Most importantly, the fans wanted Bret Hart more. He'd gotten screwed over at WrestleMania IX and was so over that the fans were clamoring for him to get the belt back. No matter how much McMahon forced Luger into the spotlight, Bret was always going to be the guy.
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  • The Peter Principle: In WCW Luger excelled as a US Champion, and did well as the perennial Number One Contender to Ric Flair. But when he finally won the World Title (and Flair was not around to make him look like a million bucks), he flopped.


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