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YMMV / Legends of Tomorrow S1E3 "Blood Ties"

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  • Idiot Plot: The team must have super-glued themselves to an Idiot Ball - after Rip Hunter kills Vandal Savage, they leave his body to face the immortal for another time rather than bring his corpse aboard the ship and guard it until Kendra Saunders is ready to put a knife in his throat.
    • Though to be fair, there likely wasn't a space on the ship that could properly contain him. And even if there was, bringing his corpse with them would lead to his minions Zerg Rushing the heroes in an attempt to recover their master's body, which would likely end with one or more team members dying before the rest finally escape. And there was no guarantee he wouldn't immediately revive and kill them all along the way. Considering those two possibilities, they likely just figured that it wasn't worth the risk and decided to just grab Carter's body and get out while they still had the opportunity.

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