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YMMV / Legend (1985)

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  • Awesome Music: The Tangerine Dream score. Especially the...oh, to hell with it, the whole thing. If righteousness and beauty had a transcription in music, for instance, it would be the unicorn theme. The original score by Jerry Goldsmith is pretty awesome too. Because, well, it's Jerry Goldsmith.
    • Even so, Jerry Goldsmith was so upset by Scott's rejection of his score that he never spoke to the director ever since and up to his passing.
  • Angel/Devil Shipping: As mentioned below, Lili and Darkness is a popular pairing. He is implied to be the son of Satan and he is attracted to her because her soul is pure. Just contrast his appearance as the literal devil and she as an angelic young woman. Unsurprisingly, Foe Yay ensues.
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  • Better on DVD: The Director's Cut adds 25 minutes of material and retains Jerry Goldsmith's score.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Well, there's plenty of weirdness on display throughout the film, but during Lili's dance with the animate black dress, an evil-looking cherub comes to life on the tabletop. Lili doesn't notice it, it doesn't intervene in any way, and once the sequence is done, it's never brought up again.
  • Broken Base: Over the score. Even those who like Jerry Goldsmith's score wish the American release music was retained for the Dress Dance.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Darkness. Despite being a monster with cloven hoofs and a goat's face, his love for Lily is genuine, if twisted, leading to this trope. Being played by Tim Curry is also a reason.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Dark!Lili and Tim Curry as a shirtless, ripped, deep-voiced devil.
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  • Fan Preferred Pairing: Lili/Darkness is actually quite popular. You can find a lot of fan fiction dedicated to this pairing.
  • Fridge Horror: In the U.S. Re-Cut, it's implied that Jack and Lily have sex. Which is fine until you remember the goblins are following them and tracking their every move.


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