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YMMV / Left Behind (2014)

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  • Angst? What Angst?: Averted, at least compared to the books. Reactions to the Rapture include parents screaming for their missing children, rioting, and at least two separate cases of attempted suicide.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In light of this movie, the reason Rayford Steele couldn't be taken to Heaven makes more sense now: Rayford sold his soul to Mephisto in 2007.
  • Special Effect Failure: Towards the end of the film, when the characters are looking at a burning city from a distance, it's pretty obvious that they're looking at a greenscreen.
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  • The Un-Twist: The Rapture. While probably everybody who was even vaguely familiar with the Left Behind franchise when the 2014 film premiered or did five minutes of Googling before watching it knew that it's the big mass-disappearance event that happens and why those who vanished were taken, the 2014 film leaves it unclear for the first hour and a half and then presents it as a big twist.
  • What an Idiot!: Given Chloe is in shock, but...
    • her young brother disappears out of her arms, and she calls home (a fair walk from the mall, as she illustrates on her way home) and tell him to pick up if he's listening - as if after losing him he could have walked home that quickly or hitched a ride.
    • She leaves the mall, even though that was the last place she saw him, and everyone around her is also holding piles of clothing that were once children.
    • She goes to the hospital, despite not actually knowing if her brother was hurt or sent there in the first place.
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    • She breaks a glass door to get into the hospital, and then crawls (albeit carefully) on her hands and knees over the glass, not using the sign she used to break it to provide at least a little protection, or knocking the rest of the glass out and trying to squat down to get through on two feet.
    • Chloe is poised to even commit suicide in an idiotic way, positioning herself to leap down through the girders of the bridge - instead of off the side - as if she really wants to hit some of them on the way down.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Nicolas Cage is Rayford in the reboot. Because when you think of the normal, stand-up guy, everyman Rayford, your mind instantly goes to over-the-top, insane, Nicolas Cage. If anything, many think Cage would have been better off cast as Nicolae Carpathia, The Anti-Christ. It also goes both ways: Cage actually does play Rayford as a straight man, but that only ends up most certainly being a bummer for everyone who went to see the movie expecting to see Cage at his usual Large Ham self. In the words of RationalWiki:
    "Here's how bad it is: they make a movie about the end of the world, starring Nicolas Cage, and they cast him in the role of the sane one."


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