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  • Complete Monster: The Deathwing operatives that Keill Randor faces in his quest for vengeance are a bad lot, but even then the following stand out:
    • Galactic Warlord: Lord Thr'un of Irruq-hoa is an aristocrat from one of the altered worlds, and the man tasked with annihilating the Legions of Moros. A Faux Affably Evil, buff, giant of a man, Lord Thr'un seeded Moros's atmosphere with radiation capsules, resulting in the death of every man, woman, child, and animal on the planet and rendering the world uninhabitable. He then began masquerading as a surviving Legionary in the hopes of luring any genuine survivors into a trap. When Keill was captured by Thr'un's men, Thr'un—on his own accord—had him tortured via jangler, a weapon that attacks the nerves; when Keill refused to talk, Thr’un ordered him jangled to death, the idea being that his convulsions would become so bad that he would snap his own spine. Little more than a thug beneath his polished veneer, Thr'un was perhaps the most ruthless agent in the Warlord's employ.
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    • Deathwing Over Veynaa: Quern was a psychic Deathwing agent, and one of their top scientists to boot. Infiltrating a revolution in the Veynaa system, Quern turned a peaceful movement into a violent one, and, deploying the same radiation weapon used on Moros, killed two hundred Veynaan colonists to make political points for a cause he did not believe in. Confronted by Keill, Quern revealed he was the inventor of the weapon, and the only Deathwing member who knew how to use it, before trying to fire it into Veynaa's atmosphere while Keill watched. Little more than a brooding ego, Quern was prepared to murder millions to prove his own brilliance.
    • Day of the Starwind and Planet of the Warlord: Altern, alias The One, is field leader of the Deathwing, and right-hand man to the Warlord itself. A crippled dwarf in a golden exoskeleton, Altern gave the order for the genocide on Moros, and handed Quern his instructions for the slaughter on Veynaa. Determined to produce an army of slaves for his master, The One first encountered Keill on Rilyn, where Altern was cloning famous Legionaries for use as Slave Mooks and sending them to a neighbouring world to commit murders; he also tried to mind-wipe Keill and use him to train said Legionaries. Bested by Keill, The One fled Rilyn, leaving the clones to die in a hurricane. Capturing Keill when the Last Legionary infiltrated the Warlord’s homeworld, Altern had him brainwashed and slaved to the Arachnis computer, using him to train Deathwing agents, with the intent of slowly killing him afterwards. Responsible for almost all the atrocities committed in the Warlord’s name, The One proved himself Keill Randor’s worst enemy.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: The annihilation of Moros is one for everyone involved, including the Warlord who gave the order, The One, who relayed it, Quern who invented the weapon that was used, and Lord Thr'un who deployed said weapon.

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