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YMMV / Larry Sweeney

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  • Draco in Leather Pants: No matter how big a heel was on the mic, once he started a strut-off, he had the fans eating out of his hands. Well, unless someone defeated him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: At ROH Rising Above 2007, December 29, 2007, Sweeney approached Erick Stevens and offered to manage him. He added that his man, Chris Hero, was going to beat Claudio Castagnoli that night and that, after Hero won, Sweeney would have Castagnoli's contract and that he was "gonna sell him up the river to Vince, just like I did for Matt Sydal..." While Sweeney was wrong about Hero beating Claudio, it is funny because Castagnoli eventually did go to WWE.
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  • Too Cool to Live: Good night, sweet prince.
  • X-Pac Heat: It's questionable just how sincere Sweeney was being when he vowed to never return to Berwyn, but the response to a man being a manager in SHIMMER(which has had dolls, cardboard cutouts and plants as "managers") was so negative he was never called back.

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