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YMMV / Lana Lang

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  • Base-Breaking Character: Some viewers of Superman III felt disappointed that, despite Lana's total amount of screentime during the first two movies equaling only a few minutes, the third spent more time exploring her relationship with Clark, than it did Lois' relationship with him.note  Other viewers found Lana sympathetic, and thought she and Clark had good chemistry.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: A handful of fans of either Superman III or Superman: The Animated Series wish that Clark would dump Lois- a shrew who only loves him when he's Superman- for Lana- the kind Girl Next Door who loves Clark even when he's being himself. In the case of the animated series, Lana also figured out before Lois did that Superman is really Clark Kent.
  • The Scrappy : During The Silver Age of Comic Books, she was a scheming pest. But the worst incarnation must be her Smallville self.

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