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  • Complete Monster (Avatar Press; the Chaos! Comics ones can be found here):
    • Sagos is the strongest warlock in existence, and an ambitious sadist who murdered and possessed the father of Hope, the future Lady Death, for his own nefarious purposes. Sagos uses his host to gather dozens of peasants and sacrifice their souls to the Necro-Wraiths, eventually escaping to the Blacklands while taking Hope's mother and leaving Hope herself to burn at the stake. Sagos wages cruel war on the Blacklands, slaughtering entire cities and raising millions of dead as zombie warriors, intent on exterminating all life in the Blacklands in tribute to the Necro-Wraiths for his own sub-realm to rule. Sagos massacres the city of Aberffraw and gloats to its princess Satasha that he's butchered her entire family, attempts to destroy the city of Perinthia to complete his genocide of the Blacklands, and tortures Hope's mother, gloating how he's gotten used to her body's "pleasure" through the body of her husband while smugly mocking the transformed Hope herself about what he's done.
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    • Apocalypse: Satyricon is an all-powerful demon who serves as Queen Tormina's senior advisor. Having almost destroyed the entire Underrealm in the past, he was defeated by Wargoth and banished from the land. Seeking to rule the Underrealm, he manipulates Tormina to enact complete genocide against demon-kind so that no one can stop him, having multiple demons and babies sacrificed to grant him power. He also decides to unleash the direknights, who proceed to turn multiple humans into zombies, sending them off to kill every human within Tormina's kingdom. Arriving at Tormina’s throne room, he kills Valora in front of Tormina, and later kills Tormina while fighting Lady Death.
  • Evil Is Sexy: At least in the earliest Chaos! comics, where her purpose in Evil Ernie was to provide eye-candy and motivation to Kill All Humans. Subsequent appearances have toned down her villainy and made her an Anti-Hero instead however, but she still remained sexy either way.
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  • Foe Yay: Primarily with Purgatori, but by no means limited to her.
  • Les Yay: Because Lady Death is capable of attracting women just as much as men, this is naturally going to happen.
  • More Popular Spin Off: Lady Death is more well-known than Evil Ernie. To the point, she became Brian Pulido's most well-known and long running creation and receiving her own animated adaptation.

Animated Film

  • Complete Monster: Lucifer is the Lord of Hell who comes to Earth in human form under the name of Mathias. Establishing himself as a tyrant at 15th century Sweden, Mathias forces his villagers—including a young boy—to join his army under the pretense on fighting for God. He then confines his daughter, Hope, to his castle after her lover, Niccolo, refuses to join Mathias's army. It was revealed that the innocent villagers—including Niccolo—were kidnapped and murdered by Mathias so that he could damn their souls to Hell. When an angry mob storms his castle, Mathias reveals his true form and kills most of the angry mob while leaving his daughter to be burned at the stake. After Hope's soul descends to Hell, Lucifer initially offers Hope to join his side while keeping his wife and Niccolo's tormented souls alive in containment, and after Hope refuses, he then kicks her out of the window. During the final battle, Lucifer then sends the frail and weak Niccolo to fight against his daughter.

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