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  • Awesome Music: The whole soundtrack is surprisingly catchy. A complete list of tracks can be found here.
    • Special mention goes to Bird Against the Storm, the music that plays in the Lair of the Evil Dragon. While most of the game's tunes have a sort of upbeat techno feel, this one pulls out the heavy guitars out of nowhere. It does a good job of getting you pumped for the fight against Invoke.
    • There's Hot Blood, which is used against Ifrit, Njord, and Degos, which happens to be a Boss Remix of Degos' theme before you fight him.
  • Broken Base:
    • The removal of stats from fashion equipment in the Infinity expansion. Some are very happy with the change since they can now choose whatever outfit they like for their characters, others are very unhappy with the change because they believe it invalidates all the time, effort, and money put into obtaining the costumes with stats. Has completely died down after the game switched publishers.
    • The changes to crafting by using shards obtained from decomposing equipment. Either it's a wise move by the developers to make crafting easier early on, or it's considered a bad move due to the sheer amount of resources and money required to max out your crafting level, requiring up to an insane 75 million ely just to hit level 10. Thankfully, it was eventually greatly nerfed to only require a grand total of 10 million ely to go from 1 to 10.
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    • The quests being very linear. Some like it because it makes questing easy, and others hate it because of the exact same reason.
  • Game-Breaker: Super Puzzles offer 50% more of the stat you're enchanting with less durability cost, and +1000 EXP Potions increase your EXP gain by 10x the amount, making it incredible for leveling, but good luck trying to get one at a reasonable cost.
    • The S rank equipment introduced in the Infinity expansion is incredibly powerful. A level 35 weapon giving nearly 200 of a stat? (For reference, +200 usually appears in the level 100s) Yes.
    • The Soul Breaker was considered this at the start of Season 2. They had extremely high burst area damage with their Black Soul stance, deceptively high durability with their Blue Soul stance, and had excellent damage scalings.
    • Subverted with the Wanderer, despite their extremely high damage in early game and mid game. They're more of a Crutch Character, requiring more investment to keep up in the lategame.
    • The Demigod class received plenty of flak for being practically this on release. Having an unbreakable weapon, extremely high damage scalings on all their skills than can be raised even higher, the lack of a resource gauge, and incredible mobility, with their only flaw being a hefty money requirement in the lategame.
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    • The Savior class is also considered powerful due to their incredible amount of HP and defense and now having incredible damage output that they lacked as a Holy Order.
    • Many players agree that the current most powerful class in the game is the Popstar, thanks to how insanely fast and damaging their Evil Performance skill is, as well as being able to apply powerful buffs to help their damage output. They are also very valuable for a lot of parties due to their buffs not only affecting themselves, but people who are close enough to them.
  • Genius Bonus: The icons for the Wizard spells are the four traditional Elemental Embodiments: Sylph for Wind, Salamander for Fire, Undine for Water, and Gnome for Earth. There's nothing in the game that mentions or even hints in this.
  • Goddamned Bats: The literal Bats and all their cousins are very annoying, with flight abilities (so they can follow you everywhere) and sonar attacks that hit hard and fast.
  • Spoony Bard: Strangely enough, Templars seem to become this later on, when everybody has found a way to effectively not die, and tanks become obsolete. Thankfully, they now have the option to become Terror Knights.
    • Crutch Character: Before then, knights that use a shield and have decent armor are very hard to kill. They are the only class that can effectively take abuse from every monster on the map when the circumstances are right.
    • Not quite. Tanks are borderline required in lategame dungeons, so they can cover for the damage dealers.
    • Also averted in the fact that Templars' damage potential skyrockets upon promoting to the Holy Order, and then the Savior.
  • Stop Having Fun, Guys: Somewhat averted in that repeat offending kill stealers can be reported and banned.
    • However, the high-level Gunslingers had a reputation for being arrogant, obnoxious, and elitist. It's not really the case as of now, as the Gunslinger is considered to be one of the weaker classes early on.
      • The Demigod and Blade Master later took over from where the Gunslinger once stood in terms of arrogance and elitism, but not really the case anymore.
    • Many people feel this way about high-level PVPers in general, but that's true of just about every MMORPG in existence.
  • That One Boss: All the scenario dungeon and instance bosses for newer players.
    • Degos is where the game starts to get really tough. His first phase isn't too bad as all he does is try to slash and stomp you. The second phase is an entirely different story, where you fight his body. The second phase's attacks consist of slashing you and releasing flame bombs that confuse the player. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. You have mooks constantly raining down to inflict MORE status effects, including Silence and Stun. When the fight goes on for long enough, the constant mook rain gets turned Up to 11. Have fun trying to not get mobbed.
  • That One Level:
    • Jiendia Warehouse is greatly hated by many players and is considered as one of the most difficult dungeons in the entire game. At least 90% of its difficulty comes from its unreasonably short timer of one minute to fight your way through the entire warehouse, only refreshing the timer by killing the Unknown Hatchling that often likes to hide in the farthest corners of the map, or in a massive mob, making it incredibly difficult and extremely annoying to reach it before the timer ends. And God help you if you lag, OR if you also happened to kill the Unknown Hatchling too early. And the best part? You have to do it as one of your Legend Skill quests, and you have to run it at least 3 times. Oh, and you can only run this dungeon 3 times too, so if you ran out of time on one run before getting all the quest objectives fulfilled? Sorry buddy, maybe tomorrow. Of course, you could lessen the difficulty by luring out the Hatchling and letting it hit you to reset the timer, but the game doesn't even hint at it. Overall, the dungeon is something of a taste of how difficult the future dungeons you're going to run are.
    • The Unknown Warehouse is also quite hated by many players due to its sheer difficulty, having plenty of mobs capable of killing you very quickly by mobbing you to death, preventing you from resurrecting, and being downright unfair sometimes, with Warehouse 18 being notorious for having you face two Odins and a truckload of Vidofnirs and Lunaris (Get stunned once, and you're toast.). Even the first level is considered to be insanely hard among newer players. And there are fifty-five of them. (51-55 in particular are considered to be THE single most difficult instances in the entire game, even among highly advanced endgame players) And you also have to complete the 20th one to progress in your 7th Legend quest (You face two Asura Kings that have access to a One-Hit Kill move), and eventually the 40th one to progress in your 14th Legend quest.
  • That One Sidequest: All the Selkie quests. Especially the last one, which combines That One Boss with a low rate of Randomly Drops and makes you do it 10 times. Per quest. DotNuri is a nightmare too, especially considering you need to do each stage twenty times to get each bonus. Many players find stage one near impossible.
    • A much bigger example with the second Legend questline, which involves painfully long, boring, and difficult quests that often span out over the course several days, although the reward is very much worth it. Fortunately, a future patch (The patch is currently active in the Korean version only) is scheduled to nerf the quests to make them easier. The first Legend questline was also this at first, but a later patch greatly nerfed all the quests to make them much more manageable.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Many players have expressed disappointment at the lack of a job branch for the Engineer that continues to use their toolboxes, due to how shafted they become upon promotion to the Meister.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: The Demigod class was often criticized by many players as far too powerful on release. Their weapon is unbreakable even with enchanting, they have extremely high damage scalings on all of their skills that can be raised even higher with the Growth Skill system, have no need for any form of resource for their skills and still manage to retain good mobility on top of it. Their sole flaw is that they become very expensive to maintain in the endgame, but many consider that a problem with all classes in general (and in fact, if you're unlucky, Demigods are actually cheaper to maintain in the endgame). Their sheer power had caused quite a number of players to outright refuse to play them, as that would defeat the purpose of playing any other class. It isn't really the case as of now, as the other classes were buffed to be on the same power level as them.

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