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YMMV / Kyochuu Rettou

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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The cast is composed mostly of self-centered jerks that are perfectly willing to throw the other survivors into the jaws of death to save themselves. Hell, they sometimes throw people into the jaws of death just because they don’t like them. Some of them are even rapists. And the few characters that seem like decent people usually don’t last long. It’s easy to see why the majority of the readers want Mutsumi and Chitose (later Kai as well) to simply leave their companions to be killed by the bugs and save their own skins. Because those “companions” would happily do the same if they are given the chance.
    • By the time of the sequel "Dai Kyochuu Rettou", Kasumi, Mami, and Ryouko have some growth as characters. And to a lesser degree, even the previously one-note conniving Nozomi is developed as she emotionally latches onto Mutsumi as it's repeatedly shown that she's desperate for guidance and affection, on top of being a total 'bottom'.
  • Narm : Most of the deaths are so over the top that they can easily go from Gorn to Black Comedy. Some might say that it could even rival Blood-C for the title of "BEST COMEDY OF THE YEAR, MAN !"

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  • So Bad, It's Good : A fairly common consensus. Given that most of the cast is unlikeable, that the amount of Gorn is downright comedic and that the plot goes up in smoke midway through the series, it's hard not to blame them.


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