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YMMV / Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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  • Les Yay: There has increasingly been a contingent of fans who eschew Rahul altogether and ship Anjali and Tina instead. See this video essay [1] and this Buzzfeed article [2].
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: For some people, those kids are just too cutesy.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • There's too many to count. Let's see, there's the prologue with Tina's death, with Rahul standing in front of her funeral pyre, intercut with flashbacks to their marriage, Anjali's birth, and her terminal illness being revealed (to which she even apologizes to Rahul for dying). Then, there's the speech talent show with Rahul's daughter breaking down onstage upon picking her topic (which is revealed to be about mothers), to which Rahul comes onstage and recites his own beautiful speech for her. Then, there's Anjali Sharma's reaction to finding out Rahul is in love with Tina and shares a tearful goodbye with him before leaving for college. And then, there's the two Anjalis meeting each other with the grown-up Anjali later finding out who she is, little Anjali breaking down again when all of the kids receive letters from their mothers at summer camp, AND adult Anjali leaving the camp for her engagement while sharing a tearful goodbye with everyone. FINALLY, there's the entirety of the ending which eventually becomes both this and Heartwarming.
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    • The film in general can come off as this to anyone who has a Missing Mom or anyone who's very close with their mothers.

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