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YMMV / Krabat

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  • Ho Yay: Between Krabat and Tonda. Seriously...
  • Narm: In spades in the 2008 live action adaptation, what with very unneccessary and in the book nonexistent fight scenes a drastically different ending and tons of other changes that only in part make sense. But special mention goes to David Kross' portrayal of Krabat. Especially jarring since two of the people Krabat interacts most with - Daniel Brühls Tonda and Christian Redl's Master - are very subtle most of the time.
  • Tear Jerker: This book is full of them.
    • Tonda bidding farewell to Krabat and gives him his knife as a memento before he dies. In the movie it's even more poignant. After bidding him farewell he tells Krabat to go to sleep and carefully tucks him in like the big brother he had become for him.
    • Michal's death, in the second year. Poor Merten is heard crying after it happens and is so traumatized, he stops talking and even attempts to commit suicide. Fortunately, he is saved in time. He also starts talking again, when Krabat has defeated the Master and the guys are all free.

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