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YMMV / Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking

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  • Complete Monster: In the Portuguese-EU dub of the anime, Adder lacks any of the tragic backstory that his Japanese counterpart had and is behind all the bad things that happen. Seeking to escape from the forest by activating a spaceship, Adder uses all of the life force of all organisms in the forest, result ing vast regions becoming a lifeless wasteland. When one of his servants saw his family vaporized, Adder then lies to him by saying that it was all the main character's fault. After this, he released the red-eyed beetles to cause more death and misery towards other ecosystem. Due to his spaceship needing a seal in order to activate it, Adder sends his mercenaries to the protagonists to retrieve said seal and tries to enslave one of the protagonists—who is essentially a child—to pilot his spaceship. After the seal denied Adder the ability tp pilot the spaceship, Adder then tries to murder everyone who is aboard on the ship out of spite.

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