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  • Complete Monster: Mudou Gou, or the Gedou (Heresy) Bancho, sticks in a series full of honorable and sometimes heroic villains. When one of the Five-Man Band, Yuu, arrives to see the orphans he considers his own family, we see in flashbacks that Gou tortured and beat the orphans while disguised as Yuu and arranged them to spell out the Kanji for "Heresy." When he fights Yuu, Gou reveals he gave all the kids fatal doses of poison just to throw Yuu's game off, and activates a bomb in the orphanage to blow them all up. He then mocks Yuu about him having to watch the final one with Yuu dying slowly of the poison. When Yuu reveals he planned for poison and explosions, Gou shows his lack of honor by taking one orphan hostage with a knife to his throat. Despite his brief appearance in the manga, the Gedou Bancho proved himself to be easily the most evil and depraved villain: a fact he acknowledges with his Catchphrase "Aren't I the lowest?"
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  • Crazy Awesome: Akira enters the bad guys' lair with a car held on his shoulders, and it only gets crazier from there
  • Cult Classic: Despite being not even mainstream in Japan, it has managed to amass a following to its unusual fights and Crazy Awesome characters
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Hikyo Bancho is a fan favorite by most people
  • Fridge Logic: Hinako saves us the trouble when Sasori Bancho reveals her age.
  • Growing the Beard: The Five Dark Vows arc is where it drops its Bancho of the Week theme in favor of much more complicated team fights
    • The Dark Student Council, having more story development and Crazy Awesome battles than before
  • Magnificent Bastard: Takeshi Kongoh is the true Big Bad of the manga and the wicked elder brother of the hero Akira Kongoh, aiming to be a Dark Messiah to destroy and rebuild Japan. Driven by rage at the death of his mother, Takeshi helps organize the 23 District project to lure in powerful Bancho, all while manipulating his father, whom he eventually usurps. Rising up, Takeshi reveals his true plan: the Damocles Project. Using it to dispose of previous Bancho participants, Takeshi becomes the undisputed ruler of Japan, aiming to destroy it and create an ideal world to make humanity pay. With his strength matched by a ruthless, calculating mind, Takeshi ends the series with his ideals awakened by his son Rai, using his last moments to save Akira's life and bidding him farewell as he gives Akira cover to save the world.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Gedou Bancho disguising him as Yuu to beat up his younger siblings
    • Takeshi attempting to revive Hakai Bancho and destroying the Tokyo Tower
    • Kenpei Bancho stabbing Sasori Bancho to get Akira pissed
  • Nightmare Fuel: This Bancho from Chapter 72
  • Tear Jerker: The shot of Machine Bancho killing Kongoh- and Tsukimi is standing RIGHT THERE. Some of the blood even spills on her. Her non-reaction tugged the heart strings far more than Hinako's screaming.
    • What's worse is when Machine Bancho dies, Tsukimi still cries for him, and Machine Bancho finally sheds (oil) tears.

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