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YMMV / Kong: King of the Apes

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  • Complete Monster: Doctor Richard Remy is a nature-hating bionics expert, and the twin brother of conservationist Lukas Remy. Despising his brother's pet gorilla, Kong, from the moment that they first met, Richard blames Kong for the childhood accident that cost him an eye, even though he caused the accident himself, and only survived it thanks to Kong. Richard uses a painful Shock Collar to make Kong go on a rampage before framing him and Lukas for the destruction of a military warehouse, the contents of which Richard sells on the Black Market. Richard also sells weapons-grade uranium on the black market; uses a virus to turn people into rage zombies; tries to melt the arctic to get at the resources buried beneath it; attempts to kill Kong by blowing up an African volcano, not caring that this will destroy all of the surrounding villages; and convinces various governments to purchase his Bionobots, which were secretly programmed to turn on their buyers in a violent coup that would allow Richard to implement his "New World Order". Richard frequently abuses his android assistant, Botila, at one point uploading her consciousness into a Bionobot against her will while ensuring her continued obedience through the use of an Agony Beam. Eventually renouncing his humanity completely, Richard turns himself into a grotesque mutant cyborg before trying to murder all of his enemies all at once on Kong Island.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Kong here was sent to the surface world to save it from threats. Kong's depiction in the MonsterVerse is eventually revealed to have originated from a race of Hollow Earth, aka very deep underground, Titans who were eventually forced on the surface.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Richard commits many vile deeds, but what causes even Lukas to finally give up on him is Richard feigning repentance before trying to kill Kong (who was trying to help him against Botila) in "Takeover."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Botila slowly rotating her head all of the way around as she zeroes in on the sound of Jonesy's heartbeat while hunting him through the woods in "Poacher's Prize."
  • Villain Decay:
    • Richard spends the first half of Season Two as Lukas and Co.'s whiny and annoying Butt-Monkey drag-along in the Lost World, his position as the Big Bad having been usurped by Botila. He regains his standing in the final two episodes "Rise of Evil" and "Battle Royale".
    • Botila started out as a Shego-esque badass Deadpan Snarker Hypercompetent Sidekick. While she remained fairly competent once she took over as the main threat, she also became a far hammier and more comedic character; she loses her head (which gets eaten by a fish and stuck in automatic sliding doors at different points) far more often, becomes far more prone to slapstick gags like getting smacked around by treetops while being airlifted out of the redwoods, and constantly keeps trying to do an Evil Laugh, only for it to always come out as a weird and corny Un Evil Laugh. This may be due to her becoming more human than she'll admit.